Ordering Copies of Enterprise & Contract Agreements

Electronic versions of Enterprise and Contract Agreements, registered under the Industrial Relation Act1996, are available as a free PDF download from our Index of Enterprise & Contract Agreements webpage. 

Full-text copies of Enterprise Agreements & Contract Agreements are available at a cost of $5.95 for each 10 pages or part of 10 pages ($12.00 minimum). There may also be a repository retrieval fee of $78.00 (for individuals), $156.00 (for corporations) where the Agreement has been replaced by a new Agreement or where the Agreement was made before 1996.

Details of Enterprise and Contract Agreements can be found on our Index of Enterprise & Contract Agreements webpage, or for any enquiries phone: (02)9258 0866.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no refunds once the order is completed.

Instructions for Application Download in Microsoft Word Format

    1. Save the file to your computer's hard drive
    2. Fill out the form by entering the appropriate material in the gray-shaded areas of the document
    3. Save the document
    4. For Credit Card Payments: email the form back to us at:
        For Cheque/Money Order Payments: make payable to 'NSW Industrial Relations Commission'.
        Forward Cheque/Money Order for the required amount along with this order form to:

        NSW Industrial Relations Commission
        47 Bridge Street
        SYDNEY NSW 2000

  Note: To fill out this application form you must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer!
   Download the Order Form for Enterprise or Contact Agreements [PDF 80KB]