New South Wales Awards


    Awards and Contract Determinations

    Current NSW Awards and Contract Determinations arranged alphabetically by title.

    Previous Awards now having effect as enterprise agreements- clause 44C of Schedule 4 IRAct 1996.

    Previous transport contact determinations can be found on the Department of Industrial Relations website.

    Non-operative Awards - Rescinded as at 28 November 2011

     Take note that as at 28 November 2011, as a consequence of the Industrial Relations Amendment (Non-operative Awards) Act 2011, awards that were declared to be non-operative awards were taken to have been rescinded in accordance with section 20 (2) - see clause 55 of Schedule 4 IRAct 1996.


    Enterprise and Contract Agreements

    NSW Enterprise and Contract Agreements information including a listing of all agreements registered from 2 September 1996, with links to the agreement documents registered from July 2003.

    Certain agreed awards to have effect as enterprise agreements- clause 44C of Schedule 4 IRAct 1996.

    Historical Award Information

    Search awards published online in the NSW Industrial Gazette from 2001.

    The awards and contract determinations in force supplement, published in the Industrial Gazette, provides a snapshot of awards from January 2001 onwards.

    For lists of Awards and Contract Determinations published between 1970-2000 please go to the website of the State Library of NSW.

    For awards published prior to 2001 can be found in the paper copy of the NSW Industrial Gazette at the State Library of NSW.

    Industrial Gazette

    The NSW In​dustrial Gazette​ is a publication comprising Awards and Orders of the Commission, including registrations of Enterprise and Contract Agreements. Copies of the Industrial Gazette published since 2001 are online.

    Information for Practitioners and Organisations

    The Records of person affected by awards (Rule 6.8 and 6.9, Industrial Relations Commission Rules 2009) lists registered industrial organisations and other persons that are normally required to be served with process relating to award applications, in proceedings before the Industrial Relations Commission.

    Party Car​​ds

    A list of party cards by organisation is maintained along with the list of parties to each award.

    Updates or additions to these records should be made using the 'form for inclusion on register of award participants'.

    Other Award Information

    An overview of Industrial Committees, including a list of industries and callings to committees and other resources is available here.

    Award information prior to 2001, usually, requires a manual search of the NSW Industrial Gazette in hardcopy. The NSW Office of Industrial Relations has information regarding this process.

    Information on private sector, including modern awards is now available from Fair Work Online.

    Industrial Gazette Email Notification Service

    Subscribers to this service will be notified by email when the NSW Industrial Gazette has been published online.