2nd Round of 2007 Award Review - list of awards due for review

List of Awards for Review

The following table lists the NSW awards that are due for review in the period July to December 2007.

Further information regarding the history and participation records for each award is available by selecting its award code.

Code Title
1678 126 Phillip Street Project Award
1682 30-38 Hickson Road Project Award
944 3M Pharmaceuticals (Thornleigh) Consent Award 1997
004 Advertising Sales Representatives (Sydney Daily Newspapers) Award
964 Aged Care General Services (State) Award 2006
4200 Agricultural, Pastoral or Horticultural Society's Show (State) Award
1578 ALHMU and Gema Catering Vendors (State) Award
1745 Altro City Quarter Camperdown Project Award 2004
1577 Ambulance Service of New South Wales Administrative and Clerical Employees (State) Award
011 Animal Welfare, General (State) Award
012 Animal Welfare, Institutional (State) Award
1265 AstraZeneca Enterprise Award 2003
1695 Auburn Home Mega Mall Project Award
1008 Austral Brick Company Pty Ltd (Mechanical Maintenance Employees, Eastwood) Enterprise Award 2002, The
849 Australia Meat Holdings Pty Limited Caroona Feedlot (State) Award
1043 Australian Jockey Club - Electrical and Plumbing Enterprise Award 2002
1532 Australian Red Cross Blood Service Employees (State) Award
574 Avon Products Pty Ltd (Brookvale) Clerical Employees Consent Award 1997
1718 Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited "Salt" Outrigger Resort Project Award 2003
1665 BCMG Re-Processing (State) Award
1703 BHP Steel (AIS) Pty Ltd Supervisors and Technical Officers Award
872 Boral Australia Gypsum Camellia Consent Enterprise (State) Award 2004
1011 Boral Transport Ltd NSW Joint Development (State) Award 1994
1218 Boral Transport Ltd NSW Operations Joint Development (State) Award 1996
1704 Bovis Lend Lease Australia Square Refurbishment Project Award
1738 Bovis Lend Lease Darling Park Stage 3 Project Award
1736 Bovis Lend Lease Macarthur Square Northern Extension Project Award
1737 Bovis Lend Lease Penrith Plaza Redevelopment Project Award
1705 Bovis Lend Lease Quad 3 Project Award
828 Bread Industry (State) Award
050 Breeding and Raising of Pigs, &c., Employees (State) Award
057 Brick and Paver Industry (State) Award
001 Building and Construction Industry (State) Award
1502 Bullivants Pty Limited - Unanderra Award
512 Business Equipment Maintenance (State) Award, The
074 Butchers' Wholesale (Newcastle and Northern) Award
072 Butchers' Wholesale (State) Award
071 Butchers, Retail (State) Award
075 Butter and Cheese and Other Dairy Products (Newcastle and Northern) Award
076 Butter, Cheese and Other Dairy Products (State) Award
080 Canteen, &c., Workers (State) Award
210 Casino Control Authority - Casino Inspectors (Transferred from Department of Gaming and Racing) Award 2004
1683 Cassons Building B Camellia Project Award
1729 Castlereagh Imaging Enterprise (State) Award 2003
090 Caterers Employees (State) Award
754 Cement Industry (State) Consolidated Award
083 Cement Mixers and Concrete Workers, Central Batch Plants (State) Consolidated Award
1033 Central Coast Cold Stores Consent Enterprise Award 2000
345 Charitable Institutions (Professional Paramedical Staff) (State) Award 2006
253 Charitable Institutions (Professional Staff Social Workers) (State) Award 2006
4006 Charitable Institutions Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave (State) Award
714 Charitable Sector Aged and Disability Care Services (State) Award 2003
919 City of Ryde (Christmas Leave) Award
2118 Clerical (Nationwide News Pty Ltd) Superannuation (State) Award
121 Clerical and Administrative Employees - OneSteel Market Mills Newcastle Award
118 Clerical and Administrative Employees (BlueScope Steel (AIS) Pty Ltd Award
127 Clerical and Administrative Employees (BlueScope Steel Limited - Port Kembla) Award
4214 Clerical and Administrative Employees (Catholic Personal Carer's Leave) (State) Award
082 Clerical and Administrative Employees in Permanent Building Societies (State) Award
155 Clerical and Administrative Employees in Temporary Employment Services (State) Award
134 Clerical and Administrative Employees Legal Industry (State) Award
125 Clerical and Administrative Employees, Hire Cars and Taxis (State) Award
129 Clerical Employees in Metropolitan Newspapers (State) Award
131 Clerical Employees in Retail (State) Award
5044 Clerks Redundancy (State) Award
142 Coachmakers, &c., Rail (State) Award
1506 Coal Services Pty Limited Award 1999
149 Cold Storage and Ice Employees (Northumberland) Award
152 Cold Storage and Ice Employees (State) Award
989A Cold Storage Enterprise Award 1998
1261 Com 10 Pty Ltd Enterprise Award 1998
162 Concrete Pipe and Concrete Products Factories Consolidated (State) Award
764 Connex Sydney Pty Ltd Trading As Metro Monorail (State) Enterprise Award 2003
1146 Continental Carbon Australia Pty Limited Maintenance and Production Enterprise Award 2003
173 Cotton Ginning, &c., Employees (State) Award
174 Cotton Growing Employees (State) Award
1712 Cross City Tunnel Civil Consent Award 2003
1713 Cross City Tunnel Project Mechanical and Electrical Consent Award 2003
232 Crown Employees - Legal Officers (Crown Solicitor's Office, Legal Aid Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Parliamentary Counsel's Office) Award
187 Crown Employees (Administrative and Clerical Officers - Salaries 2003) Award
1296 Crown Employees (Catering Officers - Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation) Award
1344 Crown Employees (Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Building and Mechanical Services Staff 2001) Award
1765 Crown Employees (Correctional Officers, Department of Corrective Services) Award 2004 for Kempsey, Dillwynia and Wellington Correctional Centres
1357 Crown Employees (Domestic Services Officers - Department of Agriculture) Award
892 Crown Employees (Environmental Planning Officers 2003) Award
736 Crown Employees (General Assistants in Schools - Department of Education and Training) (State) Award
1721 Crown Employees (General Staff Salaries) Award 2003
262 Crown Employees (Geoscientists - Department of Mineral Resources) Award
829 Crown Employees (Harness Racing Authority) Conditions of Employment Award
485 Crown Employees (Heritage Office 2003) Award
222 Crown Employees (Interpreters and Translators, Community Relations Commission) Award 2003
1122 Crown Employees (Kingsford Smith Airport Travel Centre) Award 2003
774 Crown Employees (Land Information Officers - Department of Mineral Resources) Award
756 Crown Employees (Lands Officers, Department of Lands and Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources 2003) Award
1309 Crown Employees (Mine Safety and Environment Officers - Department of Mineral Resources) Award
997 Crown Employees (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences - Casual Guide Lecturers) Award 2004
1235 Crown Employees (National Parks and Wildlife Service) Conditions of Employment 2000 Award
1120 Crown Employees (National Parks and Wildlife Service) Field Officers and Skilled Trades 2000 Award
1684 Crown Employees (New South Wales Attorney General's Department Reporting Services Branch Sound Reporting) Award 2003
1424 Crown Employees (New South Wales Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care) Community Living and Residential (State) Award 2004
1158 Crown Employees (NSW Fisheries Salaries and Conditions of Employment) Award
1142 Crown Employees (NSW Police Communications Officers) Award
109 Crown Employees (Officer in Charge Allowance - NSW Agriculture) Award
1263 Crown Employees (Parliamentary Electorate Officers) Award
108 Crown Employees (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Music Therapists) Award
499 Crown Employees (Police Medical Officers - Clinical Forensic Medicine) (State) Award
1257 Crown Employees (Professional Officers - Department of Agriculture) Award
055 Crown Employees (Regulatory Officers - Department of Agriculture) Award
1298 Crown Employees (Royal Botanic Gardens, Building and Mechanical Trades Staff) Award
191 Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff, General Assistants in Schools) Standdown Award
1295 Crown Employees (Senior Officers Salaries 2004) Award
1667 Crown Employees (Services Officers - Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation) Award
256 Crown Employees (Skilled Trades) Award
1722 Crown Employees (State Water - Storages, Operations and River Infrastructure Staff) Award
255 Crown Employees (Storemen, &c.) Award
868 Crown Employees (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 2003) Award
1428 Crown Employees (Technical Officers - Treasury) Award
835 Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award
745 Crown Employees (Transport Drivers, &c.) Award
498 Crown Employees (WorkCover Authority - Inspectors) Award
1625 Crown Employees Historic Houses Trust (Gardens - Horticulture and Trades Staff) Award 2004
1576 Crown Employees Learning and Development Officers (State Emergency Service 2004) Award
1099 CSR Limited trading as The Readymix Group - Cooma Road Transport Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Award 1995
1012 CSR Limited trading as The Readymix Group - Country Division (South Coast) Concrete Enterprise Arrangement No.2 (State) Consolidated Award 1996
552 CSR Limited trading as The Readymix Group - Sydney Construction Products Concrete Transport Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Award 1995
1006 CSR Limited trading as The Readymix Group - Sydney Construction Products Raw Materials Transport Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Consolidated Award 1994
1668 CSR Limited/Readymix Holdings Pty Limited and Transport Workers' Union of New South Wales Award 2003
1202 CSR Ltd Trading as The Readymix Group - Newcastle Concrete Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Consolidated Award 1996
1290 CSR Ltd Trading as The Readymix Group Penrith Transport Workshop Enterprise Arrangement No. 1 (State) Consolidated Award 1996
1575 CSR Ltd trading as The Readymix Group Sydney Raw Materials Transport (State) Award No. 4 2000
1041 Dairy Farmers TWU Enterprise Award 2002
278 Dairying Industry Employees (State) Award
279 Dental Assistants and Secretaries (State) Award
281 Dental Technicians (State) Award 2006
1621 Devro Pty Limited Operating Employees Award 2003
1743 Eastern Creek Municipal Waste Treatment Project Consent Award 2003
1762 Eastern Distributor ETU Consent Award 2002
390 Energy Australia Appliance Sales Consent Award 2003
306 Engine Packing Manufacture (State) Award
571 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Cinema (State) Award
1715 Epping to Chatswood Underground Rail Tunnel Construction Project Award
356 Exhibition Industry (State) Award
239 Exhibition Project Managers and Project Officers Australian Museum Award
321 F. J. Walker Foods (Transport Workers) Blacktown Consolidated Award 2000
329 Fish and Fish Marketing (State) Consolidated Award
572 Forestry Commission of New South Wales (Trading as State Forests of NSW) Senior Staff Award
342 Forestry Field Officers (Forestry Commission of New South Wales) Award
1739 Form, Lot 302, Victoria Park, Zetland Project Award
1726 Forstaff - NUW Consent Award 2003
1214 Frigmobile Pty Limited Employees Enterprise Award
340 Fruit Packing Houses Employees (State) Consolidated Award
819 Furniture and Furnishing Trades (State) Award
1694 Galong Mine Lease 1496 (State) Award
1723 Gas Meter Readers and Field Officers Redundancy (State) Award
1742 Georges River Program Project Consent Award
353 Glass Makers (State) Award
354 Glass Workers (State) Award
1674 Goodman Fielder Baking Frozen Plant Enterprise Award 2003
1734 Gosford Hospital Project Award
4183 Graduate-at-Law (State) Award
503 Greyhound Racing Authority (NSW) Award
372 Hairdressers', &c. (State) Award
1163 Hastings Co-operative Enterprise Award
706 Health Administration Corporation and Department of Health, Nurses (State) Award
950 Health, Fitness and Indoor Sports Centres (State) Award
378 Horticultural Industry (State) Consolidated Award
1740 Hydro Aluminium Kurri Kurri Smelter Upgrade and Retro-Fit Project Consent Award 2004
387 Ice Cream Carters and Van Salespersons (State) Award
388 Ice Cream Cold Storage (State) Award
1681 Inner West Health Centre Project Award
1340 Innoxa Pty Limited Consent Award 1997
1708 Integrated Steel Mill Services Pty Limited Award 2003-2006, The
622 J. Blackwood and Son Limited Storemen and Packers (State) Award 1994
1679 Jackson's Landing Development Project Award
1433 Jackson's Landing Project Award
703 Jewellers and Watchmakers, &c. (State) Award
1735 John Holland Pty Limited Unions of New South Wales Woolworths Support Facility Project Award 2004
1752 John Holland Pty Ltd John Hunter Hospital Access Strategy Building Project Award 2004
1720 John Holland Pty Ltd/Unions of NSW Asian Elephant Precinct Project Award 2003
1670 John Holland/Lahey Joint Venture - Unions New South Wales Mid North Coast Correctional Centre Project Award 2002
046 Joiners (State) Award
404 Journalists' (Cumberland Newspapers Pty Limited) Award
927 Journalists (EMAP Australia Pty Ltd) (State) Award
936 Journalists (Specialist Publications) (State) Award 1996
412 Journalists' Suburban Newspapers (State) Award
527 Journalists, &c. (Federal Publishing Company Pty Ltd) Award 1995
956 Journalists, etc. (Australian Consumers Association Limited) Award
1673 K6 Upgrade Project Consent Award 2003
1096 Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd Botany (NUW) Consent Award 2003
1741 Labor Council of New South Wales and Australand Holdings Limited LG Warehouse and Office Facility Project Award
1714 Labor Council of New South Wales and Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited Project Award - Bullecourt: Ultimo NSW
1717 Labor Council of New South Wales and Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited Project Award - Montefiore
1750 Labor Council of New South Wales and Baulderstone Hornibrook Breakfast Point Development Award 2004
1751 Labor Council of New South Wales and Prestige Building Services Pty Ltd Breakfast Point Development Project Award 2004
1697 Labor Council of New South Wales La Corniche Project Award
1746 Labor Council of New South Wales Rhodes Waterside Project Award
1725 Labor Council of NSW & Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited - City Quarter Stage 3: Camperdown NSW Project Award
420 Landscape Gardeners, &c. (State) Award
347 Landscape Gardeners, &c., On Building and General Construction and Maintenance, Civil and Mechanical Engineering (State) Award
1724 Lend Lease Hotel Intercontinental (Stage 1) Project Award
494 Local Government (Electricians) (State) Award
438 Mannequins and Models (State) Award
468 Meat Preservers, &c. (State) Consolidated Award
469 Mechanical Opticians (State) Award
039 Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries (State) Award
474 Metalliferous Mining Industry (State) Award 1995
477 Mineral Sands Mining and Treatment Industry (State) Consolidated Award
1293 Mirror and Telegraph Publications Clerical Award 2000
480 Miscellaneous Gardeners, &c. (State) Award
705 Miscellaneous Workers' - General Services (State) Award
481 Miscellaneous Workers' - Independent Schools and Colleges, &c. (State) Award
4029 Miscellaneous Workers (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
861 Miscellaneous Workers Home Care Industry (State) Award
4198 Miscellaneous Workers Kindergartens and Child Care Centres Family Leave (Catholic Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and Others and Independent Schools) (State) Award
128 MM Kembla Products (Clerical and Administrative Employees) Enterprise Award
489 Motor Vehicle Salesperson (State) Award
1571 MPG Logistics Pty Ltd (Tricon), Wetherill Park Drivers Consent Award, 2000
471 Mushroom Industry Employees (State) Award
1446 Nestle Purina Petcare, Blayney (State) Enterprise Award
1007 New South Wales Department of Community Services (After Hours Service) Award
1352 Newcastle Newspapers Pty Ltd Advertising Production Team (Formally Known as Pre-Press) Enterprise Award, 1999
866 Northern Co-operative Meat Company (Maintenance and Services) (State) Award 2003
1691 NSW MetServ Australasia Pty Ltd Briquetting Plant Industrial Relations Award
507 Nurseries Employees (State) Award
1456 Nurses' (Australian Red Cross Blood Service - NSW) (State) Interim Award
5060 Nurses (Private Sector) Redundancy (State) Award
2150 Nurses (Private Sector) Superannuation (State) Award
670 Nurses On Wheels Inc. Nurses' (State) Award
510 Nurses, Other Than in Hospitals, &c. (State) Award 2006
374 Nursing Homes Professional Employees (State) Award 2006
517 Occupational Health Nurses' (State) Award 2006
910 Orica Australia Security Industry (State) Site Award
514 Oyster Farms, &c. (State) Award
1711 Pan Pharmaceuticals Group Redundancy Award 2003, The
518 Parking Attendants, &c. (State) Consolidated Award
341 Pest Control Industry (State) Award
540 Pet Food Manufacturers (State) Award
113 Pharmacy Assistants (State) Award
525 Photographic Industry (State) Award
5040 Pitt Wood Presbyterian Homes Redundancy (State) Award
534 Plant, &c., Operators on Construction (State) Award
791 Police Association Salaried Officers (State) Award 2000
1227 Port Waratah Coal Services Consent Enterprise (State) Award 1995
546 Poultry Farm Employees (State) Award
1104 Precision Valve Australia Pty Limited Enterprise Award 2003
1353 Preterm Medical Officers (State) Award
2101 Private Health and Charitable Sector Employees Superannuation (State) Award
2159 Private Hospital and Nursing Home Nurses' Superannuation (State) Award
548 Private Hospital Employees (State) Award 2006
549 Private Hospital Industry Nurses' (State) Award
287 Private Hospital Professional Employees (State) Award 2006
1299 Private Hospitals Aged and Disability Care Services Industry Redundancy (State) Award, The
4175 Private Hospitals, Aged Care and Disability Services Industry (Training) (State) Award
429 Private Pathology Laboratories (State) Award
1144 Professional Engineers and Professional Scientists (Private Industry) (State) Award
1201 Public Hospital (Training Wage) (State) Award
946 Public Service Association of New South Wales Industrial and Associated Officers (State) Sick Leave Award
565 Pyrotechnics, &c. (State) Award
1699 QCM (OzRock) Pty Ltd and Australian Workers' Union, Port Kembla (State) Award
569 Quarries, &c. (State) Award
667 Racecourse Totalisators (State) Award
1701 Ready Workforce NUW Consent Award 2003
1693 Readymix Holdings Limited Award 2003
1690 Readymix Holdings Pty Limited Newcastle Concrete (State) Award 2002
1716 Readymix Holdings Pty Limited Penrith Transport Workshop No.4 (State) Award 2003
924 Real Estate Industry (State) Training Wage Award
1692 Redevelopment of the Sydney Hilton and Capital Centre 255-259 Pitt Street Sydney Project Award.
1680 Resmed Campus: Norwest Business Park Project Award
577 Restaurants, &c., Employees (State) Award
1166 Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales (State) Award 1999, The
1605 Rinker Group T/A Readymix Holdings Pty Limited Newcastle Transport (State) Award 2002
1696 Rinker Group T/A Readymix Holdings Pty Ltd Taree Transport Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Award 2003
1702 Rocla, Adelaide Brighton and Transport Workers' Union Interim Award
006 Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Employees' (State) Award
449 Rural Traineeships (State) Consolidated Award 1999
1022 Sandvik Hard Materials Mayfield (State) Award
1021 Sandvik Mayfield (State) Award
1020 Sandvik Smithfield (State) Award 1999
588 Sawmillers, &c. (State) Award
1317 Solvay Interox Pty Ltd Banksmeadow Site Consent Award 2004
1036 Staedtler (Pacific) Pty Ltd Award 1999
2089 Storemen and Packers - Grocery and Variety Warehouse (State) Superannuation Award
619 Storemen and Packers Bond and Free Stores (State) Award
912 Storemen and Packers, General (State) Award
626 Storemen and Packers, Wholesale Drug Stores (State) Award
634 Sugar Field Workers (State) Consolidated Award
1339 Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust Security Enterprise Award 2001
1312 Sydney Light Rail (State) Award 1997
909 Sydney Olympic Park Paid Parking (State) Award 2001
802 Teachers Non-Government (English Colleges) (State) Award 2003
850 The Catholic Press Newspaper Company Pty Limited (State) Award
1700 The Kens Project 259-295 Kent Street Sydney Project Award
1748 The National Trust of Australia (NSW) Bush Regenerators Award
664 Theatre Managers (State) Award
845 Theatrical Employees Recreation and Leisure Industry (State) Award
361 TNT Express Country NSW Consent Award 2000
1306 Tollaust (M2) Enterprise Award 2003
669 Toy Makers' Employees (State) Award
1731 Transport Industry - CTI Logistics, Allied Express, TWU Interim Award
1709 Transport Industry - Linfox Australia Pty Ltd, Bidvest Australia Ltd Interim Award
1687 Transport Industry - Mayne Logistics Interim Award
5023 Transport Industry - Redundancy (State) Award
675 Transport Industry - Retail (State) Award 1999
752 Transport Industry - Trade Waste (State) Award
688 Transport Industry (General Services - A.I. & S.) Port Kembla Award
677 Transport Industry (State) Award
696 Vegetable Oils (State) Award
472 Waterways Authority of New South Wales Award 1999
1686 Westfield Design and Construction Pty Ltd Bondi Project Award 2002
1747 Westlink M7 Project Award
710 Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Employees' (State) Award
830 Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market Employees (Newcastle, &c.) Award
980 Windscreens O'Brien (Glass Workers) Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 1995 Award
1005 Windscreens O'Brien (Metals) Enterprise Bargaining 1995 Award
711 Wine Industry Consolidated (State) Award
310 Wire Drawn Ferries (State) Award
1324 Woodmasons Cold Storage - Minto Enterprise Award 1998
1209 Woolworths Limited and Woolstar Pty Limited Yennora, Moorebank, Helles Ave D.C. Award 2003
1733 Wyong Hospital Projects Award