1st Round of 2008 Award Review - list of awards due for review

List of Awards for Review

The following table lists the NSW awards that are due for review in the period to January to June 2008.

Please see Registrar's Announcement on the 28 April 2008 for further information relating to this round of the award review.

Further information regarding the history and participation records for each award is available by selecting its award code.

Code Title
1809 A W Edwards Pty Limited Epping to Chatswood Rail Link Stat-East Works Project Award
1336 Allied Pickfords Pty Ltd Trading as Pickfords Records Management NSW Enterprise Award
1814 Australian Inland Consent Award 2004
1789 Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd Project Award - Twin Towns - Harbour Tower 2005
1819 Blue Collar Recruitment - NUW (NSW) Consent Award 2005
1542 Boral Drill and Blast Team (State) Award
1014 Broken Hill Commerce and Industry Agreement Consent Award 2001
099 Cemetery and Crematoria Employees (State) Award
1792 Centre Court Project Award 2005
1781 CFMEU Enterprise Award expiring 30 June 2006
1086 Chickadee Foods Pty Ltd (Lisarow Site) Award
1828 Coal Mining Industry (Accident Pay) Interim Award 2004
1624 Crown Employees (Court Officers Attorney General's Department) Award
1635 Crown Employees (Department of Arts, Sport and Recreation - Centres and Academy Managers) Award 2006
1805 Crown Employees (General Managers, Superintendents, Managers Security and Deputy Superintendents, Department of Corrective Services) Award 2005
1798 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Lands - Conditions of Employment) Award 2004
316 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Staff) Award 2005
700 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Retained Firefighting Staff) Award 2005
1647 Crown Employees (NSW Food Authority - Food Safety Officers) Award
1327 Crown Employees (Operational Staff - NSW Agriculture) Award
1323 Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff) Award
094 Crown Employees Division Controllers (State Emergency Service 2005) Award
180 Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Industry (State) Award
1783 Electro Group and Australian Workers' Union, New South Wales Gas Training (State) Award
691 Entertainment And Broadcasting Industry - Film And Video Production (State) Award
1361 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Live Theatre and Concert (State) Award
1615 Flyash Australia (State) Award 2002
1319 Fresenius Medical Care Australia Pty Ltd (Smithfield) Site Enterprise Award 2005 - 2006
363 Funeral Industries (State) Award 2005
1818 GIST Operations (NSW) Award 2005
1505 Goldenfields Water County Council Enterprise Award 2004
1596 Independent Prepared Foods (Mascot) Enterprise Award 2001
1795 Innovation Campus Development Award 2005
1322 Integral Energy Conditions of Employment Award 2005
1804 John Holland Pty Ltd Woolworths Wyong Regional Distribution Centre Project Award 2004
1779 John Holland/Labor Council of New South Wales UTS Building 4 Project Award 2005
1758 Labor Council of NSW and Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited - Stamford Marque Apartments Project Award 2005
1616 Landcom (Conditions of Employment 2004) Award
1617 Landcom (Salaries 2004) Award
1782 Legal Aid Commission (Indemnification of Employed Solicitors) Award
1810 Lend Lease Parramatta Railway Station Project Award
1811 Lend Lease University of NSW - NMDZ Project Award
1402 Luna Park Services Pty Ltd (ACN: 107 258 524) Enterprise Award 2003
1812 M5 East - Operators Award 2005
1650 M5 East Motorway Consent Award 2004
1244 Macquarie Generation Employees (State) Award 2005
1803 Meter Readers and Field Officers (State) Award
818 Miscellaneous Workers SDN Children's Services Long Day Care Centres (Conditions of Employment) (State) Award
960 Norco Co-operative Consent Enterprise Award
1825 North West Transitway Project Consent Award
383 Northcott (State) Award, The
226 NSW Port Corporations Award 2005
018 Nurses' (Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care) (State) Award 2005
759 Nursing Homes, &c., Nurses' (State) Award
1129 Parliamentary Reporting Staff (Salaries) Award
1749 Perisher Blue Pty Ltd (Ski Tube) State Award
376 Private Medical Imaging (State) Award 2004
1802 Project Waratah Construction Consent Award 2005
1790 Qantas Distribution Centre Project Award 2005
1127 Quality Bakers Australia Pty Limited (NSW) Enterprise Award 2005
1607 Readymix Sydney Quarries Award 2005
579 Roofing Tile Makers (State) Award
625 School Support Staff (Archdiocese of Sydney, Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2005
624 School Support Staff (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2005
1639 Sydney Olympic Park Visitors Services (State) Award 2002
1791 Sydney University SIT Building Project Award 2005
1267 TAB Clerical and Administrative Staff PhoneTAB Operators Award 2004
1797 Taragon Constructions George & Harris Streets Project Award 2005
1211 Teachers (Catholic Early Childhood Service Centres and Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2006
1051 Teachers (Independent Schools Early Childhood Service Centres Other Than Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2005
1778 The Beach - Cabarita Beach Project Award 2005
1026 Tip Top Bakeries (Fairfield) NUW Award 2004
1634 Tomago Aluminium Smelter AP22 Capacity Expansion Project Consent Award 2002
1794 Transport Industry - FJ Walker, McKey, TWU/USU Interim Award
1815 Turner Stephens Group - NUW Consent Award 2005
1807 Tweed Ultima Project Award 2005
1427 Unimin Australia Limited - Attunga (NSW) Enterprise Award 2004
1817 Union Street Project Award 2005
1808 Unions NSW & A W Edwards Pty Limited Resmed Campus Development Stage 2 Project Award
697 Vehicle Industry - Repair Services and Retail (State) Award
1785 Westfield Design & Construction Pty Ltd Liverpool Shoppingtown Project Award
1786 Westfield Design and Construction Pty Ltd Mt Druitt Shoppingtown Project Award
1787 Westfield Design and Construction Pty Ltd Parramatta Shoppingtown Project Award
1788 Westfield Design and Construction Pty Ltd Tuggerah Shoppingtown Project Award
1780 Westmead Hospital Redevelopment Project Award
1824 Windsor Road Upgrade Project Consent Award