Index of Registered Enterprise and Contract Agreements - IRAct 1991

YearReference NumberTitleDownload
1992EA92/1Tooheys Ltd (Auburn Breweries) Maintenance Trades & UnionDownload
1992EA92/2Tooheys Ltd (Auburn Breweries) Liquor Trades & UnionDownload
1992EA92/3Adult Migrant Education Service & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/5Wesley Mission/Dalmar & Family Care & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/6Wesley Mission/Serenity Farm & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/7Dept of Consumer Affairs & UnionDownload
1992EA92/8Pacific Power Risk Management & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/9Sylvia & Fran's The Upper Crust & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/10St Patricks College Ltd & UnionDownload
1992EA92/11St Patricks College Ltd & UnionDownload
1992EA92/13Advisers - Salary Packaging - Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1992EA92/14Principals - Salary Packaging - Archdiocese of Sydney & UnionDownload
1992EA92/15Principals - Salary Packaging - Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1992EA92/16Principals - Salary Packaging - Archdiocese of Sydney & UnionDownload
1992EA92/17Principals Employed by the Diocese of Armidale & UnionDownload
1992EA92/18Principals - Salary Packaging - Diocese of Armidale - APECS UnionDownload
1992EA92/19Flight Operations Pilots & Crew - National Parks & Wildlife & its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/20Sydney Electricity Adult Apprentices & UnionDownload
1992EA92/22Woodlawn Mines & UnionDownload
1992EA92/23BHP Refractories & UnionDownload
1992EA92/25Principals - Diocese Wollongong & UnionDownload
1992EA92/27Principals - Diocese of Maitland & UnionDownload
1992EA92/28Principals - Diocese of Maitland & UnionDownload
1992EA92/29Illawarra County Council & UnionDownload
1992EA92/30Rockdale Feedlot Management & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/31Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) P/L & UnionDownload
1992EA92/32Council of the City of Sydney & UnionDownload
1992EA92/33Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1992EA92/34Comet Express (Tamworth) & UnionDownload
1992EA92/35Illawarra Electricity & its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/36Hanley's Removals P/L & UnionDownload
1992EA92/37The Australian Museum & UnionDownload
1992EA92/38Ted Noffs Foundation Inc & its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/39North Coast Plywood Products P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/40Manning District Disabled Association & its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/41Socomin International Fine Foods & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/42Waters and Carpenter Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/43NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service & UnionDownload
1992EA92/44Shortland County Council & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/45J. Cordina Investments Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/46Blueberry Farms of Australia (Corindi) Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/47The Bathers Pavilion & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/48Work Cover Authority of NSW & UnionDownload
1992EA92/49John Fairfax Group & UnionDownload
1992EA92/50Carlton & United Breweries & UnionDownload
1992EA92/51Hunter Valley Research Foundation & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/52Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1992EA92/53Police Service of New South Wales & UnionDownload
1992EA92/54Unilever Australia Ltd & UnionDownload
1992EA92/55Rainsfords Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/56Jobsupport Incorporated & Works CommitteeDownload
1992EA92/57Jobsupport Incorporated & Its EmployeesDownload
1992EA92/58St Patricks College & UnionEA92-V58.pdf
1993EA93/1Desert Oak Australia Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/2Office of the Sheriff of NSW & UnionDownload
1993EA93/3Department of Courts Administration & UnionDownload
1993EA93/4Manhood Transport Company Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/5Websters Security Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/6Wollongong City Council & UnionDownload
1993EA93/7Boral Gas Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/8Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/9Upper Crust & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/10Just Off Broadway Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/11Gilbarco Aust Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/12Glass Decorators and EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/13Parramatta Mushroom Co Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/14Akzo Chemicals Ltd and Pacific Chemicals Industries Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/15AGL Gas & UnionDownload
1993EA93/16Diocese Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/17Diocese Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/18Diocese Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/19Diocese Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/20Kermif Pty Ltd & EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/21Ross Burton Transport Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/22Burraneer Development Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/23Council of the City of Sydney & UnionDownload
1993EA93/24Coastline Plumbing Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/25Georges River Community Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/26Westbus Pty Limited & UnionDownload
1993EA93/27TAFE Commission, Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo & UnionDownload
1993EA93/28Westhaven Association & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/29Omya Southern Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/30Carlton and United Breweries (NSW) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/31Department of Agriculture & UnionDownload
1993EA93/32Roselea Student Care Centre Inc. & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/33The Ford Clinic Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/34Qantas Airways Limited & UnionDownload
1993EA93/35Thompsons Bakery (Bentan Pty Ltd) & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/36Department of School Education & Its EmployeesEA93-36-Part1.pdf
1993EA93/36Department of School Education & Its EmployeesEA93-36-Part2.pdf
1993EA93/37Akzo Chemicals and Pacific Chemical Industries & UnionDownload
1993EA93/38Buttery Incorporated & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/39Boots Company Australia Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/40Pepsico Australia Pty & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/41Vandem Pty Ltd T/as Murramarang Caravan and Camping Resort & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/42United Parcel Service Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/44Tenterfield Golf Club & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/45Mount Piper Power Station & UnionDownload
1993EA93/46Clerks, Diocese, Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/47Prospect County Council & UnionDownload
1993EA93/48Laminex (Australia) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/49Junee Correctional Centre & UnionDownload
1993EA93/50Thompsons Bakery & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/51Alan Steggles Potato Processing Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/52K D Concepts Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/53Australian Iron & Steel & UnionDownload
1993EA93/54Australian Co-operative Foods Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/55Austraian Co-operative Foods Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/56Atlantis Removals Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/57Tooheys Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/58Australian Co-operative Foods Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/59Taubmans Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/60Allan & Pamela Player & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/61Government Employees Health Fund Limited and UnionDownload
1993EA93/62TAFE Commission of New South Wales & UnionDownload
1993EA93/64Lassen Investments & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/65Incitec Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/66Fluor Daniel Aust. Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/67Boral Montoro Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/68Montano Corp. Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/69Robert R Andrew & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/70Newcastle City Council & UnionDownload
1993EA93/71ADT Security & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/72Twin Lakes Real Estate Pty Ltd T/as LJ Hooker Toukley & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/73Oxley County Council & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/74Poplars Community Hospital & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/75Holroyd/Parramatta Mobile Minders & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/76ND Thomson Holdings Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/77Austral Pipes Australia Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/78Australian Co-operative Foods Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/79Principals, Diocese of Bathurst & UnionDownload
1993EA93/80Workcover Authority & UnionDownload
1993EA93/81Stegbar Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/82Department of Public Works & UnionDownload
1993EA93/83Council of The City of Sydney & UnionDownload
1993EA93/84Principals, Diocese of Bathurst & UnionDownload
1993EA93/85Serco Australia Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/86PEIRA - Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney & PSA UnionDownload
1993EA93/87Turtle Transport Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/88Wingin Pty Ltd T/as Bumpa-T-Bumpa & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/89Judith Gay Lambert T/as JG Lambert Real Eastat & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/90John Derek Armitage T/as Allambie Heights Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/91Paint Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/92Paint Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/93H&H Securities Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/94R&J Securities Dog Patrols Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/95Jackson & Rowe Pty Ltd T/as Century 21 Jackson & Rowe & its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/96Clerks, St Patricks College Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/97Rainbow Cottage Occasional Child Care Centres & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/98Harbour Data Services Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/99Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney & UnionDownload
1993EA93/100Diocesan Catholic Education Commission & UnionDownload
1993EA93/101Diocesan Catholic Education Commission & UnionDownload
1993EA93/102Diocesan Catholic Education Commission & UnionDownload
1993EA93/103Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1993EA93/104Catholic Education Office Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1993EA93/105Diocesan Catholic Education Commission & UnionDownload
1993EA93/106Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/107Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/108Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/109Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/110Online Distribution Services & UnionDownload
1993EA93/111New Horizons Enterprises & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/112St Patricks College & UnionDownload
1993EA93/113National Parks and Wildlife Service & UnionDownload
1993EA93/114Ray White Budgewoi & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/115Junee Correctional Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/116Unilever Australia (Minto) & UnionDownload
1993EA93/117Department of Sport Recreation and Racing & UnionDownload
1993EA93/118Parliamentary Officers, Parliamentary Building Services Enterprise AgreementDownload
1993EA93/119New South Wales Legislature & UnionDownload
1993EA93/120Lachlan Shire Council & UnionDownload
1993EA93/121The Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales (Various Schools) & UnionDownload
1993EA93/214Central Coast Security (Fantil P/L) & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/215Beachside Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/216Century 21 James and Fear & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/233Norton Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/249Wyeth Australia Pty Limited 'Smithfield' & UnionDownload
1993EA93/250Wyeth Australia Pty Limited 'Parramatta' & UnionDownload
1993EA93/251Birdon Sands Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/252Kwikasair & UnionDownload
1993EA93/253Balmain Power Station & UnionDownload
1993EA93/254Terrey Hills Golf Club & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/255Australian Co-op Foods, Pippita Factory Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/256Australian Co-op Foods, Hexham Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/257Australian Co-op Foods, Wetherill Park Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/258Australian Co-op Foods, Gloucester Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/259Australian Co-op Foods, Syd Metro Depots & UnionDownload
1993EA93/260Australian Co-op Foods, Muswellbrook Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/261Australian Co-op Foods, Bathurst Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/262Australian Co-op Foods, Gloucester Site & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/263Australian Co-op Foods, Wetherill Park Site & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/264Beiersdorf Australia & UnionDownload
1993EA93/265Beiersdorf Australia & UnionDownload
1993EA93/266Charioto & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/274Australian Co-op Foods Bathurst Site & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/275BHP Steel Ltd Syd Mini Mill & UnionDownload
1993EA93/276Oasis Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/278Clerks, Diocese of Wagga Wagga & UnionDownload
1993EA93/279United Customer Service & UnionDownload
1993EA93/290Blayney Abattoirs & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/291Cooper Bros Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/292Pascol Paints Australia Pty Ltd, Botany & UnionDownload
1993EA93/293Anvic Meat Exports Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/295Arthur Yates and Co. Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/296Australian Design Hardwoods Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/297ACI Operations Pty Ltd, Penrith Plant & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/298Email Westinghouse Pty Ltd Air Handling and Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/300Sydney Cricket and Sydney Sports Grounds & UnionDownload
1993EA93/301Service Corp International Australia P/L & UnionDownload
1993EA93/302Service Corp International Australia P/L & UnionDownload
1993EA93/307Fosroc Chemfix Nowra & Works CommitteeEA93-307part1.pdf
1993EA93/307Fosroc Chemfix Nowra & Works CommitteeEA93-307part2.pdf
1993EA93/309Harris-Daishowa (Australia) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/310Blueberry Farms Australia (Corindi) Ltd & It's EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/311Teachers, St Scholasticas College Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/312Teachers, Santa Sabina College Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/313Teachers, Santa Sabina College Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/314Muswellbrook Shire Council & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/315Misc Workers, Diocese of Wilcannia/Forbes & UnionDownload
1993EA93/316Misc Workers, Diocese of Wagga Wagga & UnionDownload
1993EA93/317Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/318Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/319Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/320Sydney Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/321Newcastle Permanent Building Society Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/324Mayne Nickless Limited trading as Armaguard & UnionDownload
1993EA93/325JI Case (Australia) Pty Ltd, St Marys & UnionDownload
1993EA93/326James Hardie Plumbing & Pipelines Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/327Boral Bricks (NSW) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/328Totalizator Agency Board of NSW & It's EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/329Sydney City Council & UnionDownload
1993EA93/330Hundreds Pty Ltd trading as Secpro International & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/331BTR Engineering (Australia) Limited, Sales and Service Division & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/332Toys 'R' Us Australia Pty Limited & Distribution Centre & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/333Nestle Confectionery Ltd, Lane Cove & UnionDownload
1993EA93/334Northern Rivers Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/335ACI Operations Pty Ltd, Penrith Plant & UnionDownload
1993EA93/336National Dairies Ltd, Orange Site & UnionDownload
1993EA93/337Montano Realty, Marrickville & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/338Century 21 Felgate Real Estate & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/339Teachers, St. Augustine's, Brookvale & UnionDownload
1993EA93/340Oxley Electricity & Water & UnionDownload
1993EA93/341Sleiman Trading Pty Ltd t/as Fountain Cafe and Fountain Bistro and Bar & works committeeDownload
1993EA93/342Woodpro Furniture Pty Ltd & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/3433M Australia Pty Ltd, St Marys Plant & UnionDownload
1993EA93/344The Sydney Suburban Newspaper Company Pty Limited & Its employeesDownload
1993EA93/345BHP Steel Ltd, Syd Mini Mill & UnionDownload
1993EA93/346Department of Conservation & Land Management & UnionEA93-346-Part1.pdf
1993EA93/346Department of Conservation & Land Management & UnionEA93-346-Part2.pdf
1993EA93/347Sawmillers Exports Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/349BHP Refractories Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/350Zoological Parks Board & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/351BHP Refractories Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/352Kahkama House & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/353MM Cables Energy Products & UnionDownload
1993EA93/354John Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/355Teachers, St Gregory's, Campbelltown & UnionDownload
1993EA93/356Teachers, St Joseph's, Hunters Hill & UnionDownload
1993EA93/357R.K. Evans Landscaping & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/358Teachers, Our Lady of Mercy, Parramatta & UnionDownload
1993EA93/359Namoi Valley Electricity & UnionEA93-359-Part1.pdf
1993EA93/359Namoi Valley Electricity & UnionEA93-359-Part2.pdf
1993EA93/360Araluen Fruits & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/361Normans Plant Hire Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/362Monaro Electricity & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/363Silvio's Dial-A-Pizza Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/364Wormald Security Australia Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/365Boral Bricks (NSW) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/366Joanne Green Landscape Design Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/367Easykey Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/368QOM Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/369A.J. Bush & Sons (Manufactures) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/370Maritime Services Board & Various UnionEA93-370-Part1.pdf
1993EA93/371K.E.Walker & Co. Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/372Teachers, St Patricks, Goulburn & UnionDownload
1993EA93/373Teachers, Edmund Rice, Wollongong & UnionDownload
1993EA93/374Teachers, Mount St Benedicts High & UnionDownload
1993EA93/375St Patricks College, Strathfield & UnionDownload
1993EA93/376Teachers, St Pius X, Chatswood & UnionDownload
1993EA93/377Burnside & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/378A.P.I. & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/379CSR Hebel Australia Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1993EA93/380St Vincent's Hospital Lismore & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/381Nordcapp Investments Pty Ltd T/A Sewer Equipment Company (Aust) & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/382J I Case (Aust) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/383H C I & UnionDownload
1993EA93/384NRMA & UnionDownload
1993EA93/385BYZ Security Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1993EA93/386Hettich Australia & UnionDownload
1993EA93/387Teachers, De La Salle Brothers Oakhill & UnionDownload
1993EA93/388Teachers, Mount St Joseph Milperra Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/389Teachers, Marian College, Goulburn & UnionDownload
1993EA93/390Teachers, St Patricks, Campbelltown & UnionDownload
1993EA93/391Teachers, Brigidine College, St Ives & UnionDownload
1993EA93/392Northern Rivers Electricity & UnionDownload
1993EA93/393Australian Pharmaceutical Ind. Ltd & UnionDownload
1993EA93/394Canberra Pharmaceutical Supplies Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/1Ulan Coal Mines & UnionDownload
1994EA94/2Australian Bakels (Pty) Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/3Yates Security Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/4Yates Security Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/5Elten Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/6Josef & Sons Contracting Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/7Teachers, Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes & UnionDownload
1994EA94/8Teachers, Diocese of Maitland & UnionDownload
1994EA94/9Rosebank College & UnionDownload
1994EA94/10Trustees of the Christian Brothers & UnionDownload
1994EA94/11Teachers, St Mary's College, Gunnedah & UnionDownload
1994EA94/12Teachers, Archdiocese of Sydney & UnionDownload
1994EA94/13Teachers, St Edward's College, Gosford & UnionDownload
1994EA94/14Teachers, Trinity Catholic College Lismore & UnionDownload
1994EA94/16Teachers, Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1994EA94/18UTS Child Care Inc. & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/19TNT Australia Pty Ltd, Wollongong & UnionDownload
1994EA94/20Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1994EA94/21Teachers, Diocese of Lismore & UnionDownload
1994EA94/22Catholic Education Office Diocese of Wollongong & UnionDownload
1994EA94/23Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1994EA94/24Teachers, Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1994EA94/25Australian Conveyor Engineering Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/26The Recyclers & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/27Whites Discounts Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/28TNT Komatsu Forlift Wetherill Park & UnionDownload
1994EA94/29Dalisle Pty Ltd T/as Peninsula Bus Lines & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/30Starch Australasia Limited, Tamworth & UnionDownload
1994EA94/31Teachers, St Michael's School Wagga Wagga & UnionDownload
1994EA94/32Teachers, Diocese of Bathurst & UnionDownload
1994EA94/33Teachers, Xavier High School, Albury & UnionDownload
1994EA94/34Teachers, Diocese of Armidale & UnionDownload
1994EA94/35Teachers, Trinity High School, Wagga Wagga & UnionDownload
1994EA94/36Warrah School Society & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/37Ordlon Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/38Action LIne Security Consultants Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/39F J Walker Foods & UnionDownload
1994EA94/40NSW Fish Marketing Authority & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/41H Brightwell & Sons Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/42Dept of Conservation and Land Management & UnionDownload
1994EA94/43Australian Iron and Steel Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/44Bush's Pet Foods Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/45Bush's Pet Foods Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/46Clutha Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/47Western Suburbs (Newcastle) Leagues Club & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/48Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/49Email Westinghouse, Waterloo & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/50Birchgrove Community Association Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/51Association of Independent Schools of NSW Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/52Teachers, St Francis De Sales, Leeton & UnionDownload
1994EA94/53Teachers, St Dominic's College, Penrith & UnionDownload
1994EA94/54Ansett, Transport Industries, Mascot & UnionDownload
1994EA94/55Citicoast Bricklaying & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/56Capitol Apartments and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/57Continental Carbon Australia and UnionDownload
1994EA94/58Port Macquarie Hospital and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/59NB Love Adhesives & UnionDownload
1994EA94/60Stanmore Cinema Centre & UnionDownload
1994EA94/61Dow Corning Australia & UnionDownload
1994EA94/62Blayney Abattoirs Pty Ltd and EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/63Linde Gas Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/64AC Hatrick Chemicals Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/65NUMBER NOT USEDDownload
1994EA94/66Sutherland Shire Council & UnionDownload
1994EA94/67Unilever Australia Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/68Bourke Council Camping OutDownload
1994EA94/69Sydney Ferries, State Transit Authority & UnionDownload
1994EA94/70DFC Thompson Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/71Tasman Cable Company Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/72Trading Post Enterprise AgreementDownload
1994EA94/74Ken Brown Marine P/L and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/75Glenorie Bus Company and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/76New England Electricity and UnionDownload
1994EA94/77Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes and UnionDownload
1994EA94/78Teachers employed by Mater Dei Ltd, Camden and UnionDownload
1994EA94/79Principals Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn & UnionDownload
1994EA94/80Teachers Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn & UnionDownload
1994EA94/81North West Electricity and UnionDownload
1994EA94/82Penrice Soda Products Pty Ltd and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/83BHP Refractories Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/84BHP Refractories Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/85BHP Refractories Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/86BHP Refractories Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/87Chisholm Mfg, (Divi) of Woolworths & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/88Woolworths Supermarket Ltd and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/89Kwikasair Administration, (TNT) and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/90Tunnel Holdings Pty Ltd and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/91Oxley Electricity and Water and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/92Wormald Security Australia P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/93Hog's Breath Cafe Coffs Harbour & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/94Hog's Breath Cafe Tamworth and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/95Acel Information Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/96Commercial Services Group and UnionDownload
1994EA94/97GEC Alsthom Industrial Products Division & UnionDownload
1994EA94/98Concrite Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/99Concrite Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/100Concrite Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/101Boral Bricks Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/102Boral Bricks Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/103Boral Bricks Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/104Boral Bricks Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/105Concrite Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/106Concrite Pty Ltd and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/107Linfox Distribution Group and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/108Linfox Transport, Wetherill Park, and UnionDownload
1994EA94/109Michlen Pty Ltd t/as Century 21 and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/110Tumut River Electricity and UnionDownload
1994EA94/111Sydney Electricity (Variation) and UnionDownload
1994EA94/112Sydney Electricity (Variation) and UnionDownload
1994EA94/113Sydney Electricity (Variation) and UnionDownload
1994EA94/114Cerac Design t/as WR Farr and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/115Hunter Valley Security and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/116Waratah Child Care and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/117Kentucky Fried Chicken Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/118Unilever Australia Ltd - Unifoods Division Concord & UnionDownload
1994EA94/119Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/120Valley to Plateau Accommodation and Respite & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/121Koala Child Care Centre and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/122Teachers Employed by St John of God, Kendall Grange Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/123Principals, Diocese of Bathurst and UnionDownload
1994EA94/124Insulco and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/125Davids Distribution General Merchandise & UnionDownload
1994EA94/126Davids Distribution Silverwater & UnionDownload
1994EA94/127Pacific Power Treasury Employees & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/128Schering-Plough Plant Employees & UnionDownload
1994EA94/129Schering-Plough Engineering Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/130Schering-Plough Clerical Employees & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/131Liverpool City Council and UnionDownload
1994EA94/132Liverpool City Council Family and Childrens Services UnionDownload
1994EA94/133Liverpool City Library and Museums and UnionDownload
1994EA94/135Chamber Electrics and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/137Cafe De Beaumont and Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/138Montezuma Mexican Restaurant & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/139Liverpool City Council and UnionDownload
1994EA94/140M.Collins & Sons (Contractors) P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/141Paul Segaert Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/142The Blucon Securities and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/143Airroad Distribution and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/144United Customer Service Australia Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/145Darling Mills Restaurant & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/146Kitchens of Sara Lee (Australia) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/147Unilever Australia Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/148Clancys Supermarket Darlinghurst & UnionDownload
1994EA94/149BTR Engineering (Australia) Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/150Starch Australasia Ltd and Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/151Arnotts Biscuits Ltd, Homebush and UnionDownload
1994EA94/152All Risk Assessing Pty Ltd t/as Random Security Patrols and Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/153FJ Walker Foods Blacktown & UnionDownload
1994EA94/154Sydney SLSA Helicopter Rescue Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/155Cereform and UnionDownload
1994EA94/156Stageman Pty Ltd and UnionDownload
1994EA94/157Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and & UnionDownload
1994EA94/158RDM Warehouse and UnionDownload
1994EA94/159BHP - Blast Furnace Department - Ore Berths (Broken Hill) & UnionDownload
1994EA94/160Life Saver Rescue Helicopter & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/161Email Major Appliance Group, Clerks & UnionDownload
1994EA94/162H I Fraser Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/163Kyogle Skillshare & UnionDownload
1994EA94/164Pilkington Operations Ltd Glass Division & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/165G & E Natoli Real Estate United Realty& Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/166Apollo Batteries (MFG) P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/167Coogee Real Estate & Co. & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/168Keyhole Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/169Government Pricing Tribunal & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/171Leslia Montano Pty Ltd t/as 'Vincent Montano' & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/172Boral Bricks Prospect Site & UnionDownload
1994EA94/173The Greater Building Society & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/174Judicial Commission of NSW & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/175Sussan Corporation & UnionDownload
1994EA94/176David Ferguson P/L & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/177Diocese of Maitland & UnionDownload
1994EA94/178Diocese of Wagga Wagga & UnionDownload
1994EA94/179Trustees of the Christian Brothers & UnionDownload
1994EA94/180Boys' Town Engadine NSW (Inc) & UnionDownload
1994EA94/181Diocese of Armidale & UnionDownload
1994EA94/182Diocese of Maitland & UnionDownload
1994EA94/183Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1994EA94/184Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1994EA94/185Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes & UnionDownload
1994EA94/186Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes & UnionDownload
1994EA94/187Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn & UnionDownload
1994EA94/188Diocese of Parramatta & UnionDownload
1994EA94/189Brambles Australia Ltd Pty Transport Services & UnionDownload
1994EA94/190Richmond Bakery & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/191Brambles Industrial Services AMEU Port Kembla & UnionDownload
1994EA94/192Cleanaway a Division of Brambles Aust. Ltd Lake Macquarie & UnionDownload
1994EA94/193Brambles Industrial Services TWU Port Kembla & UnionDownload
1994EA94/194Cleanaway Unanderra, Division of Brambles & UnionDownload
1994EA94/195Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/196Rainbow Supermarket & UnionDownload
1994EA94/197Toys 'R' Us Head Office Partnership & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/198Pacific Power Employees & UnionEA94-198-Part1.pdf
1994EA94/198Pacific Power Employees & UnionEA94-198-Part2.pdf
1994EA94/199Fairfax Newspapers Blacktown City Star & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/200Fairfax Newspapers Penrith City Star & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/201State Forest of NSW & UnionDownload
1994EA94/202Ansett Transport Industries (Operations)P/L & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/203Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School & UnionDownload
1994EA94/204Board of Studies New South Wales & UnionDownload
1994EA94/205Mater Dei Ltd & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/206Environment Protection Authority & UnionDownload
1994EA94/207Terry's Electrical Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/208SNP Security Services & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/209Macquarie Community College & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/210TNT Brewery Services Newcastle & UnionDownload
1994EA94/211Autistic Association of NSW & UnionDownload
1994EA94/213Woolworths Ltd Broken Hill & UnionDownload
1994EA94/214Centacare Catholic Family Services Diocese of Broken Bay & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/215Zoological Parks Board of NSW & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/216O'Donnell & Hanlon Construction Pty Ltd & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/217Blue Circle Southern Cement Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/218Teachers, Metro Business Colleges & UnionDownload
1994EA94/219Rockdale Beef Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/220Riverina Plaster Works & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/221PCCC Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/222Western Power & UnionDownload
1994EA94/223Western Power & UnionDownload
1994EA94/238Blayney Abattoirs and EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/239Dee Why Nuclear Medicine & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/240Western Power & Various EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/241Property Services Group & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/242Email Limited Orange & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/245Pacific Power Treasury Officers & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/246Junee Correctional Centre & UnionDownload
1994EA94/247Pizza Hut - Minto & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/248Pizza Hut - Campbelltown & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/249Pizza Hut - Ingleburn & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/250CMA Services Partnership & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/251Peel Valley Credit Union & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/252Barastoc Stockfeeds & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/253Oxley Community Transport & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/254Arthur Yates Milperra Clerical & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/255Parliamentary Electorate Officers & UnionDownload
1994EA94/256Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/257North Sydney Brick & Tile Co. & UnionDownload
1994EA94/276Pizza Hut - Emerton & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/277Shortland Wetland Centre Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/278Sydney City Mission & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/279Heggies Bulkhaul & UnionDownload
1994EA94/280Sydney City Council, Rec & Community & UnionDownload
1994EA94/281Mayne Nickless Ltd T/as Armaguard & UnionDownload
1994EA94/282Brambles Distribution Mascot & UnionDownload
1994EA94/283Campbells Cash & Carry P/ L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/284McPhee Transport Coffs Harbour& Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/285Lever Coachlin, Queanbeyan & UnionDownload
1994EA94/286Montano Commercial Office & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/287Australia Liquor Marketers P/L & UnionDownload
1994EA94/288BHP Refractories & UnionDownload
1994EA94/289BHP Refractories & UnionDownload
1994EA94/290Century 21 Ocean Beach Manly & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/291Palam Holdings P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/292TAFE Commission, Bradfield College & UnionDownload
1994EA94/293Australian Co-op Foods, Pippita Site & UnionDownload
1994EA94/294CEO, Diocese of Bathurst & UnionDownload
1994EA94/296McPhee Transport Wyong & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/297McPhee Transport Newcastle & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/298Brambles Catherine Hill Bay & UnionDownload
1994EA94/299Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/300National Parks & Wildlife Service & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/301P Salmon Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/302Broken Hill Hungry Jack's & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/303McPhee Transport - Wollongong & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/304Sydney Day Nursery & UnionDownload
1994EA94/315Bildor Pty Ltd, Radiography & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/316Bildor Pty Ltd, Clerical & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/317McPhee Transport - Albury & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/318Temora Gold Mine & UnionDownload
1994EA94/319Wagga Medical Imaging & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/322Hunter Water Corporation Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/323TNT Komatsu Forklifts, Gosford & UnionDownload
1994EA94/324Westbus Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/325Totalizator Agency Board & UnionDownload
1994EA94/326Montano Corp P/L T/as Montano Realty, Annandale & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/327Chifley Financial Services Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/328Sutherland Shire Council & UnionDownload
1994EA94/334South West Imaging (Brystow) & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/335Dept. Water Resources, Macquarie Western Region & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/336Boral Bricks P/L, Moorebank & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/337McPhee Transport, Sydney & UnionDownload
1994EA94/338Rangers Valley Cattle Station & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/339Inverell Shire Council & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/343Dept of Sport Recreation & Racing & UnionDownload
1994EA94/344Nuclear Imaging Westmead & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/345Nuclear Medicine & Ultrasound & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/346Principals Diocese of Broken Bay & UnionDownload
1994EA94/347Dept of Corrective Services & UnionDownload
1994EA94/348Gresford Bowling Club & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/349MSA (Aust) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/350MSA (Aust) Pty Ltd & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/351NSW Public Works & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/352Inghams P/L, Castle Hill Plant & UnionDownload
1994EA94/353Bonds Industries Ltd, Minto & UnionDownload
1994EA94/355Pizza Hut, Thornleigh & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/359Dept of Juvenil Justice & UnionDownload
1994EA94/360National Parks & Wildlife & UnionDownload
1994EA94/361Sundowner Breakwall & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/367Allders International Oceania & UnionDownload
1994EA94/369Haymarket Foundation & UnionDownload
1994EA94/370Preterm Foundation & UnionDownload
1994EA94/371Stanmore Cinema Complex & UnionDownload
1994EA94/372Pilkington (Aust) Coffs Harbour & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/373JN Anderson (Builders) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/374EC Throsby Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/375Henry Kendall Hostel & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/376CSR Ltd - Readimix Group & UnionDownload
1994EA94/377Horns Transport - Drivers & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/378Southern Riverina Electricity and Water & UnionDownload
1994EA94/379Murrumbidgee Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/380Ophir Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/381Southern Mitchell Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/382Southern Tablelands Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/383Murray River Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/384Ulan Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/385North Riverina Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/386Central West Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/387TAB Admin & Clerical & UnionDownload
1994EA94/388National Textiles Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/389Australian Co-op Foods Ltd, Pippita Site & UnionDownload
1994EA94/390Elura Mine/Pasminco Australia Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/391Aussie Treats Pty Ltd & Its employeesDownload
1994EA94/392Australian Pharmaceutical Industries & UnionDownload
1994EA94/393Linfox Distribution & UnionDownload
1994EA94/394Atlas Copco Australia P/L, Blacktown & UnionDownload
1994EA94/395Cremations (Newcastle) & UnionDownload
1994EA94/396Danzas Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/397Boral Bricks (NSW) Pty Ltd, Albury & UnionDownload
1994EA94/398Bradshaw Waste Industries & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/399Catholic Cemetery Trust Necropolis & UnionDownload
1994EA94/400Woronora Cemetery & Crematorium & UnionDownload
1994EA94/401Camsons Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/402Montano Realty, Campsie & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/403Brick & Pipe Industries, Queanbeyan & UnionDownload
1994EA94/404The Concretors & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/405Middleborough P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/406Northern Co-operative Meat Co. & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/407The Boots Company Production & UnionDownload
1994EA94/408Boots Company Warehouse & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/409Seacom Aust. P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/410Flemington Markets Co-operative Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/411South West Electricity & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/412Parramatta City Council & UnionDownload
1994EA94/413Dr A Adey Dental Employees & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/418Fairfax Newspapers,Fairfield Champion & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/419Fairfax Newspapers,Liverpool Champion & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/420Fairfax Newspapers, Macarthur Advertiser & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/421Thomas & Coffey BHP Coke Ovens Battery Top & UnionDownload
1994EA94/422Hogs Breath Cafe Nelson Bay & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/423RMH Management & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/425A A Tegel Ingleburn & UnionDownload
1994EA94/426Hogs Breath Cafe Terrigal & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/427Luna Park Amusements & UnionDownload
1994EA94/428Sami Road Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/429John Duncan and Associates & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/430Dalton Fine Paper NSW & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/431Newcastle Newpapers Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/432Incitec Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/433BHP Steel Rod and Bar Products Div Newcastle & UnionDownload
1994EA94/434Adult Migrant English Service & UnionDownload
1994EA94/435R&L Richardson Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/436Sydney Concrete Reinforcing P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/437Muswellbrook Shire Council & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/438James Wolstenholme & Co P/L& Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/439Manly Council & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/440Linfox Transport (Australia) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/441Denehurst Ltd T/as Woodlawn Mines & UnionDownload
1994EA94/442Lord Howe Island Board & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/443Bass Electrical (Pilkington Glass) & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/444St Vincents Hospital Lismore (Catholic Church) & UnionDownload
1994EA94/446Kemcon & UnionDownload
1994EA94/447Australian Co-operative Foods & Work CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/448Lea Real Estate & its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/449Laing & Simmons, & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/450BTR Engineering Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/451Australian Co-operative Foods Limited & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/452Zoological Parks Board NSW & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/453NSW Department of School Education & UnionDownload
1994EA94/455Advisers- Parramatta Diocese & UnionDownload
1994EA94/456Teachers - Parramatta Diocese & UnionDownload
1994EA94/457Principals- Parramatta Diocese & UnionDownload
1994EA94/458Teachers - Willcannia Forbes Diocese & UnionDownload
1994EA94/459PGH Clay -Schofields & UnionDownload
1994EA94/460PGH - Maitland & UnionDownload
1994EA94/461PGH - Doonside & UnionDownload
1994EA94/462Davids Distribution pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/463Honey Corporation of Australia Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/464Unilever Australia Ltd (Streets Ice Cream) & UnionDownload
1994EA94/465J A Stuart T/as Specialty Donuts & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/466Beiersdorf Australia Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/467Northern Rivers Electricity & UnionDownload
1994EA94/468Roads and Traffic Authority & Various UnionEA94-468-Part1.pdf
1994EA94/468Roads and Traffic Authority & Various UnionEA94-468-Part2.pdf
1994EA94/469Refrigerated Roadways, Woolworths Contract & UnionDownload
1994EA94/470Aust Co-op Foods,Taree & Comboyne & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/471Continental Carbon Australia & UnionDownload
1994EA94/472Independent Comm Against Corruption & UnionDownload
1994EA94/473Brambles Industrial Services, Newcastle & UnionDownload
1994EA94/474Intershred Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/475Australian Manganese Company Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/476Blue Mountain Sewage (McConnell Dowell) & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/477Penrith Regional Indoor Auquatic & Rec Cntr & UnionDownload
1994EA94/478Tumut River Orchard Management & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/479Cleanaway - Brambles Aust Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/480Police Service of New South Wales & UnionDownload
1994EA94/481CEO, Diocese of Lismore & UnionDownload
1994EA94/482David Power Electrical (Smorgan ARC) & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/483OPSM (Protector) Ltd Pty & Its EmployeesEA94-483Pt1.pdf
1994EA94/483OPSM (Protector) Ltd Pty & Its EmployeesEA94-483Pt2.pdf
1994EA94/484Graham Price Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/485Government Employees Health Fun Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/486Tenterfield Shire Council Electricity Department & UnionDownload
1994EA94/487Blackmores Ltd & Vita Glow Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/488Australian Co-operative Foods Ltd & UnionDownload
1994EA94/489New South wales Department of Community Services / PEIRA & UnionDownload
1994EA94/490North Shore Nuclear Medicine & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/491North West Pools & Commercial Tiling P/L & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/492Aust. Co-operative Foods Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/504Sydney Turf Club & UnionDownload
1994EA94/505Cargill Processing Limited & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/506Oxley Electricity , Water Surveying & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/507Festival IGA Supermarket & UnionDownload
1994EA94/509Ansett Transport Industries & EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/510Link Telecommunications & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/511Hornsby CT, XRay, Ultrasound & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/512Staff Search Technical & Works CommitteeDownload
1994EA94/513Prospect Electricity Energy & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/514Ashford Power Station & UnionDownload
1994EA94/515Singleton Shire Council & Various UnionDownload
1994EA94/520Architectural Signs Industries P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/521Zoological Parks Board,Clean/Multipurpose & UnionDownload
1994EA94/522Herbert & Adams Bakeries & UnionDownload
1994EA94/523N.Z.N. Erina & Its EmployeesDownload
1994EA94/524NSW TAFE & Teachers & UnionEA94-524-PartA.pdf
1994EA94/524NSW TAFE & Teachers & UnionEA94-524-PartC.pdf
1994EA94/525Dept School Education & UnionEA94-525-PartA.pdf
1994EA94/525Dept School Education & UnionEA94-525-PartB.pdf
1995EA95/1Bennett Real Estate Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/2Feasty's Family Restaurant & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/3Krone Workers Committee & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/4Australian Co-op Foods Gloucester & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/5Watermark Restaurant & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/6NZN Warringah (Neiga Holdings P/L) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/7Discount Freight Express Sydney Branch & UnionDownload
1995EA95/8Pasminco Metals Sulphide P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/9Composite Buyers Ltd (Moorebank) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/10Dept. of Sport, Rec & Racing Cntr Support & UnionDownload
1995EA95/11NZN Kings Cross & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/12Royal Copenhagen & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/13Mewute (Terrigal Newsagency) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/15William Lee & Sons P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/16Century 21 Cityline Realty & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/17Museum of Applied Arts, Sciences & UnionDownload
1995EA95/19State Forestry Commission of NSW & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/20Nationwide Realty Cabramatta & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/21Briscall Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/22NZN Chatswood Chase and Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/26Pittwater Radiology & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/27The Wrigley Co.P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/28The Wrigley Co P/L & Various UnionDownload
1995EA95/29Theiss Contractors Pty Ltd Unanderra & UnionDownload
1995EA95/31Donoghue Freighter Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/34Fantil Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/35Workforce and Management of RJ Brady Con. & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/36Mark Walker Industries & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/37Monaro Electricity & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/39Kwikasair Express & UnionDownload
1995EA95/40TNT Brewery Services (Grafton) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/41Inghams Enterprises & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/42Ingersea Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/43Glenorie Bus Company Workplace & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/44Gregory & Carr & UnionDownload
1995EA95/46QDL Ltd Produc. & UnionDownload
1995EA95/47QDL Ltd Produc. Clerical & UnionDownload
1995EA95/55Southern Air Conditioning P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/57Linfox Distribution Group & UnionDownload
1995EA95/58Aspley Riverview- Walcha Aged Person Hostel & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/59NZN Bondi & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/60Botany Cemetery Trust and Eastern Suburbs Crematorium & UnionDownload
1995EA95/62Fieldforce Service & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/66Wollondilly Shire Council & UnionDownload
1995EA95/67Peak Hill Gold Mine & UnionDownload
1995EA95/75North Syd. Brick & Tile & UnionDownload
1995EA95/77Palmdale Memorial Crematorium & UnionDownload
1995EA95/78A J Bush & Sons Box Hill & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/80Concrite Truck Drivers-Menai & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/81Concrite Truck Drivers-Auburn & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/82Concrite Truck Drivers-City & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/83Charter Engineering at Pilkington Aust & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/84Department of Transport & UnionDownload
1995EA95/85Manhood Transport & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/86Australian Co-op Foods Gloucester & UnionDownload
1995EA95/87Police Service Commissioned Police Officers & UnionDownload
1995EA95/88Dept Sport Rec & Racing & UnionDownload
1995EA95/89Oxley Electricity & Water Productivity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/90Concrite Truck Drivers - Campbelltown & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/92Gazal Apparel P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/93Douglass Laboratory Couriers & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/94C B D Interiors P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/96A E Baker & Co. & UnionDownload
1995EA95/97Dept of Agriculture Operational Staff & UnionDownload
1995EA95/99South coast Equipment(Nippy Crete) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/100Trans-Brick Drivers Queanbeyan & UnionDownload
1995EA95/101Cafe Margo & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/103Vakmont Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/104Morewell Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/105Department of Consumer Affairs Inspectors & UnionDownload
1995EA95/106Abbot Australasia P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/108Metromix Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1995EA95/109Workcover Authority of NSW & 2 UnionDownload
1995EA95/110NSW Technical & Further Education Com'sn & UnionDownload
1995EA95/111Polic Service of New South Wales & UnionDownload
1995EA95/112Sydney Day Nursery & Nursery School Assoc.Inc & UnionDownload
1995EA95/113Philips Service (United Customer Service) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/114Erskine Park Landfill & UnionDownload
1995EA95/115Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/116NSW Department of School Ed & UnionDownload
1995EA95/117State Transit Auth. NSW & UnionDownload
1995EA95/118Cheng Kee (Australia) (Clerks) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/119TDG Distribution & UnionDownload
1995EA95/120AMES Crown Employees & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/122O'Mara & Savage Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/123James Murray Funeral Directors & UnionDownload
1995EA95/124Palmdale Memorial Park & UnionDownload
1995EA95/125CRC industries P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/126Broken Hill Water Board & UnionDownload
1995EA95/128Australian Energy Solutions & UnionDownload
1995EA95/130Oggi hairdressing Salon & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/131Banabelle Electrical & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/132Boots Co. (Aust) Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/133Philips Service (United Customer Service) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/134Chatsryd Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/135Buckenderra Holiday Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/136Coachhouse Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/137La Manch Cara-Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/138Linfox/Grace Bros Home Delivery & UnionDownload
1995EA95/139IPEC (Hi-Tech Express) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/140Prospect Electricity Executive Assistants & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/143Mildsong P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/146Dept. Conservation & Land Management & UnionDownload
1995EA95/147BOC Gases New South Wales & UnionDownload
1995EA95/148Dept. Sport, Rec, & Racing & UnionDownload
1995EA95/149Harpercollins Publishers & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/150Tamex Transport pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/151Saint Laurence House & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/152Department of Planning & UnionDownload
1995EA95/153JI Case Australia Clerical & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/154Nareen Gardens Retirement Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/162NorthPower Customer Service Managers & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/163NorthPower Meter Reading & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/165Karuah Jetty Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/167JI Case (Australia) Pty Ltd Storepersons & UnionDownload
1995EA95/169Briston Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/172Smugglers Cove Holiday Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/173Pinaroo Leisure Park & UnionDownload
1995EA95/174The North Star & UnionDownload
1995EA95/175Highway Tourist Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/182Fairfax Comm. Newspapers St George/Sutherland & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/184Stevenson Transport & UnionDownload
1995EA95/185Spinnaker Leisure Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/186Principals Employed by Wagga & UnionDownload
1995EA95/187NRMA Ltd Patrol Officers' & UnionDownload
1995EA95/188Austin Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/189Brambles Armoured Newcastle & UnionDownload
1995EA95/190Royal Botanic Gardens Trades Staff & UnionDownload
1995EA95/198Teachers - Edmund Rice College Wollongong & UnionDownload
1995EA95/207BHP Bar & Steel & UnionDownload
1995EA95/208Police Service of NSW Special Constables (Security) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/209Elf Farm Supplies & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/210Roads and Traffic Authority NSW & UnionDownload
1995EA95/211Regal Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/212Royal Copenhagen Manly & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/213Australian Cooperative Foods (Hexham) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/214Semco Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/215Australian Co-op Foods Ltd (Wetherill Park) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/216National Entertainment Services P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/217Elf Mushroom P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/218Royal Blind Society of NSW & UnionDownload
1995EA95/219Abbas Mojarrad T/as New York on Victoria & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/221Boral Bricks (Moorebank) Production & UnionDownload
1995EA95/224Georges River Community Servcie Inc. & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/225Pacific Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/228Australian Co-operative Hexham Site & UnionDownload
1995EA95/230RJ Sidney Craig Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1995EA95/231Anglican Cemetery Necropolis Rookwood & UnionDownload
1995EA95/232Northern Suburbs General Cemetery Trust & UnionDownload
1995EA95/233Manning Point Ocean Caravan Park & UnionDownload
1995EA95/241CCD Animal Health & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/242State Rail Authority of NSW & UnionEA95-242-Part1.pdf
1995EA95/242State Rail Authority of NSW & UnionEA95-242-Part2.pdf
1995EA95/242State Rail Authority of NSW & UnionEA95-242-Part3.pdf
1995EA95/243Jan Black Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/244Northlakes (Lake Haven) First National Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/246Hamish Brooks (Pembroke Caravan etc.) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/247Guyra Meatworks & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/248Man & His Van & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/249Lachlan View Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/250Central Coast Medical Imaging & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/251Hopewell International & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/252South Coast Equipment & UnionDownload
1995EA95/253Richardson & Wrench, Connollys & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/254Summertime Chicken Transport & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/259Tasman Cable Company P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/260Blacktown Meat Centre - (Woolworths) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/261Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort (Whittaker Gibson) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/262NSW Dept. of Community Services Trades Staff & UnionDownload
1995EA95/263Derome Electrical & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/265Breville & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/267Dept. land & Water Cons. Irrigation Murrumbidgee & UnionDownload
1995EA95/268Grace Bros Lidcombe Dist & UnionDownload
1995EA95/269Lachlan Industries Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1995EA95/270TNT Komatsu Forklifts Newcastle Branch & UnionDownload
1995EA95/271TNT St Peters & UnionDownload
1995EA95/272TNT -Chullora & UnionDownload
1995EA95/273Olde English Tile Factory & UnionDownload
1995EA95/274OPSM (Auburn) Maintenance & UnionDownload
1995EA95/275D& P Fencing & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/276New England Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/278Aust. Co-op. Foods Muswellbrook Farm etc. & UnionDownload
1995EA95/279Mater Dei Camden (Social Educators) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/281Diversey Australasia Pty Limited & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/282Bowral & Berrima Bookshop & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/286Abalone Shellfish & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/288Historic Houses Trust & UnionDownload
1995EA95/293The Total Building Maintenance, N'castle & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/295Lewis asbestos-rid & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/296DMC Needlecraft & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/297Transport Workers Union of Australia Clerical & UnionDownload
1995EA95/298Royal Copenhagen George Street & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/300Arthur Yates & Co Ltd (Storemen & Packers) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/302Pigs Takeaway & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/304Fosroc & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/307Bakels Bake Off P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/308Jewel Supermarket & UnionDownload
1995EA95/309Chadwick building Systems Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1995EA95/310Office of State Revenue (NSW Treasury) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/311ACE Gutters Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/315Earlwood Uniting Church Pre-school & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/316Aust Co.op Foods ltd Deniliquin Site & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/317Police Service of NSW & UnionDownload
1995EA95/318Romak Grain Australia - Jolly Chicken & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/319NSW Agriculture & UnionDownload
1995EA95/320Drs Garret & Warren Clerical & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/321Drs Garret & Warren -Sonography & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/322Toys 'R ' Distribution & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/323Composite Buyers LImited, Moorebank Dist. & UnionDownload
1995EA95/328Online Distribution Services (Granville) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/329Online Distribution Services (Wyong) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/331Camide Landfill & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/333Dowdon Excavations & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/334Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Council Public Servants & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/335Sandy Ludman Realty P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/336North West Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/337Southern Riverina Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/338Tumut River Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/339Ophir Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/340Dept Agriculture Technical Staff & UnionDownload
1995EA95/341Cash Converters Hurstville & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/342Pure Pizza Cafe & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/343Capitol Apartments & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/344Polytuff P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/345Dubbo Coaches Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/346Jewish Cemetery Trust Rookwood Ne. & UnionDownload
1995EA95/347LJ Hooker, Miranda & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/348Teachers and Related Employees & UnionDownload
1995EA95/349Sheridan Maintenance & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/350Traditional Landscape Design & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/352Cargill Foods Australia (Wagga Wagga) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/354Complete Engineering Servcie Division & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/355Prospect Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/356P&E Shields Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/357Topgrand Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/358Rocla Quarry Products NSW & UnionDownload
1995EA95/359Terry Hills Golf & Country Club & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/360TAFE Saturday School of Community Language & UnionDownload
1995EA95/361Proctor & Gamble Berkeley Vale & UnionDownload
1995EA95/362Great Lakes Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/363Hogs Breath Cafe Port Macquarie & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/364BHP Thirroul Plant Productivity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/367Stone Glow Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/368Bass Electrical & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/369Donut King Merrylands & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/370Omnicare Medical Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/371Upper Crust & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/372Arctic Cleaning pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/373Monier PGH - Horsley Park & UnionDownload
1995EA95/377Shoosh & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/380EC Throsby P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/381Save the Children Fund (NSW Division) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/382Save the Children Fund (NSW Division) - Blacktown & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/383Incitec Ltd - Port Kembla & UnionDownload
1995EA95/384Proprietors Strata Plan No. 14442 & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/385Abbott Australia - Cafeteria & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/388Superfex Industries P/L & UnionDownload
1995EA95/389Harding Corporation & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/390Burnside Coffs Harbour & Works CommitteeDownload
1995EA95/391Waterco Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/393Lorikeet Tourist Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/394Port Intersection & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/395PCCC Electricity & UnionDownload
1995EA95/399Trustees of De La Salle Brothers & UnionDownload
1995EA95/401Everton House Committee Inc. & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/403Melcann Ltd - (Clyde) & UnionDownload
1995EA95/406Royal Flying Doctor Service & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/407Aust Co-op Foods Ltd - Lidcombe & UnionDownload
1995EA95/408Montano Realty Ashfield & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/409Hogs Breath Cafe (Hamilton) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/410Pace Farms (Transport) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/411Fosroc Chemfix - Nowra & Works CommitteeEA95-411-Part1.pdf
1995EA95/411Fosroc Chemfix - Nowra & Works CommitteeEA95-411-Part2.pdf
1995EA95/412Reuttinger Design & Landscaping Co. & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/413Elizabeth Chifley Memorial Pre-School & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/414HN Olsen Funerals Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/417Centennial Park & UnionDownload
1995EA95/418NSW Tech & Further Education Commission & UnionDownload
1995EA95/419STC Maintenance -Sydney Turf Club & UnionDownload
1995EA95/423Hog's Breath Cafe - Cronulla & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/425Hills Before & after School & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/427Transport Workers/Trial Bay Haulage & UnionDownload
1995EA95/428Total Building Maintenance, Newcastle & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/430QLD Limited & UnionDownload
1995EA95/431Transport Workers (Emery Worldwide) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/432Boral Laboratory Greystanes & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/435Cheesecake Shop - Emu Plains & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/438NSW Tafe Institute Managers & UnionDownload
1995EA95/440Chefs - Penrith RSL & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/441Hogs Breath Cafe - Tuggerah & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/442Hogs Breath Cafe (Cessnock) & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/443Action Line & Its EmployeesDownload
1995EA95/444Five Star Wholsalers & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/1Marrickville Diagnostic Imaging Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/2Defiance Milling - Homebush Flour Mill & UnionDownload
1996EA96/4Forestry Commission Research Manager & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/5Boral Bricks Moorebank & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/9Delta Laboratories & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/10Teachers - St Augustine College, Brookvale & UnionDownload
1996EA96/11Koppers Coal Tar Products P/L & UnionDownload
1996EA96/14Paint Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/15Brambles Forklifts Sydney & UnionDownload
1996EA96/16Kirklands Coaches No.1 & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/17Siamei Import Export & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/18The Alvannex & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/20Hunter Water Corporation Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/21Lidcombe Liquid Waste Plant and Castlereagh Waste & UnionDownload
1996EA96/22Sutherland Shire Council Salaried Officers & UnionDownload
1996EA96/24Werai Dairy & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/26Coposite Buyers Lty NSW Admin Offices & UnionDownload
1996EA96/27API Norhtmead No 2 & UnionDownload
1996EA96/29Snowline Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/30Department of Sport Recreation and Racing & UnionDownload
1996EA96/31M Menegazzo & Co General Hands & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/32RR Donnelly Australia & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/36Deniliquin Abattoir & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/37Society of S. Vincent De Paul (NSW) & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/38Service Corp - Lake Memorial Park Crem & UnionDownload
1996EA96/39Service Corp - Tweed Crem. & Mem. Gardens & UnionDownload
1996EA96/41Catholic Cemetery Trust Necropolis & UnionDownload
1996EA96/44Orion Energy Sales & Marketing Services Div & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/46Lucas Heights Family Pracitice and Medical Cntre & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/47Boral Bricks Prospect Site & UnionDownload
1996EA96/48Dept of Agriculture Prickly Pear & UnionDownload
1996EA96/49State Transit Authority - Sydney Ferries Deck, etc. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/50Naidoo Brothers Pty Ltd (Cronulla) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/54Specialized Tanker Transport & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/56Jewells Tavern Trading & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/59Coles Supermarket Aust - Flemington Dist. Cntr & UnionDownload
1996EA96/60Mosman Municapl Council & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/65Fairfax Community Newspapers Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/66RZM P/L Clybucca & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/67RZM P/L Electicians & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/68Cheesecake Shop, The Junction & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/69Rockdale Beef Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/70Arthur Yates Milperra & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/71Holroyd City Council & UnionDownload
1996EA96/74Mid Coast Electronics & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/75Rothmans of Pall Mall - Smithfield & UnionDownload
1996EA96/76Yamba & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/77State Bank of NSW & UnionDownload
1996EA96/78(GPM) Graham Price Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/79The Cheesecake Shop & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/81Wendys Penrith & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/82Wendys Emu Plains & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/83PH Property Partners & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/84FJ Walker Foods (Balcktown) Metal Trades & UnionDownload
1996EA96/96TNT Komatsu Forklifts (Wetherill Park) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/97Woolworths & Woolstar Warehouse & UnionDownload
1996EA96/98Maize Products - Lane Cove & UnionDownload
1996EA96/99Junee Correctional Centre Programs & UnionDownload
1996EA96/100PW Brown Clectrical Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/102IMC (Interrative Media Corporation Pty Ltd) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/108Western Power Employees (State) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/113Brambles SPD Transport (Moorebank) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/114Brambles Mascot & UnionDownload
1996EA96/119BCR Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/120Pilkington (Australia Operations Limited Glass - Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/121Croxley Collins Olympic & UnionDownload
1996EA96/122Pat Hogan Electrics & UnionDownload
1996EA96/123Sawmillers Exports P/L & UnionDownload
1996EA96/124The ' Murramarang Resort' & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/125Joint Sealing Services & P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/126Hunter Water Corporation Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/127Stenoak Pty Lty & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/128Hymix Industries Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/129James Wolsten holme & Co. Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/130Western Power (Midstate Energy) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/131Jewel Supermarket NSW & UnionDownload
1996EA96/132Pleasurelea Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/134Junee Correctional Centre - Non Custodial Admin & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/135The Beaches & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/137Kennedy Taylor (NSW) Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/138Affordable Chasing (Lidsay Robert Dawes) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/140The Cheesecake Shop Casula & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/141James Murray Funeral Directors Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/142Australian Conveyor Engineering Pty Ltd & Works Committee (New name - Continental Ace Pty Ltd)Download
1996EA96/144The Macquarie Community College Inc. & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/145Luke Electrical P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/146Fan Electrics NSW Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/147State Rail Authority & UnionDownload
1996EA96/148Australian Pharmeceuticals Industries (API) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/149Nestle Australia Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/151Northpower Water Div. Backflow Preventors Project & UnionDownload
1996EA96/152Hymix Industries Pty Ltd concrete Cartage (Ryde) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/153J Brough & Son Real Estate, Ashfield & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/154R G Ladd Electrical & UnionDownload
1996EA96/155Hettich Australia Warehouse & UnionDownload
1996EA96/156Tunnel Holdings Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/157HL & JH Gale 'Dromore' & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/158JW Lanham Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/159Powermaster Electrical Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/160CIBA-GEIGY Australia Ltd (Pendle Hill Ag. Prod) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/161CIBA-GEIGY Australia Ltd (Pendle Hill Ag. Prod) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/162CIBA-GEIGY Australia Ltd (Pendle Hill Ag. Prod) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/180Emwest Products Pty Ltd Electricity & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/181Cargill Processing Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/182Sribbles & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/183Gerard Percy & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/184Sydney Wallchasers & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/185Email Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/186Nalco Australia Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/187Police Association of NSW & UnionDownload
1996EA96/189Serco Australia (Q Stores NSW) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/190Tamworth Coaches No. 1 (John A Glbert Pty Ltd) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/192Beiersdorf Australia Limited Medical Operations Div & UnionDownload
1996EA96/193Government Health Fund (Dental & Optical Cntrs) & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/194Playdays Pre-School & Long Day Care Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/195Furniture Asutralia Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/196Austeel Stainless P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/197Hogs Breath Cafe -Terrigal & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/199Light House Beach Holiday Village & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/200Fresh Farm Produce Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/201King Pack Holdings Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/202Terry's Electrical Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/203Clancy's (Darlinghurst) Suprmarket & UnionDownload
1996EA96/204Teacher-Concord Kindergarten & UnionDownload
1996EA96/205Outboard Marine Corporation (Aust) Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/206Teachers - Bradbury Pre-school & UnionDownload
1996EA96/207Anglican Cemetery Necropolis Rookwood & UnionDownload
1996EA96/208Serrol Ingredients & UnionDownload
1996EA96/209North Shore Prestige Properties P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/212Nimbin Pre-school & UnionDownload
1996EA96/215Hymix Industries Pty Limited & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/216The One Mile Beach Holiday Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/217N B Love Adhesives (NSW) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/218TNT Harbourlink Maintenance & UnionDownload
1996EA96/220Amberley Pty Ltd Orange & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/221Pineway Pty Ltd - Andrew Harris & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/222Campbells Cash & Carry Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/223Outboard Marine Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/224Dussek Campbell - Regents Park & UnionDownload
1996EA96/226Ray White Dubbo Real Estate & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/227Hog's breath Cafe - Tamworth & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/228The Ordlon 2 & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/229Minvell Corporation & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/232Bundeena Maianbar Pre-School & Childrens Serv. Inc. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/234Penrice Glebe Island & UnionDownload
1996EA96/235Richard Foy Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/236Wingercarribee Shire Council & UnionDownload
1996EA96/237Amberley Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/239Newcastle Newspapers Pty Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/240AJ Bush & Sons Services Pty & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/241Ads Environmental Services Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/243Honeywell Limited & UnionDownload
1996EA96/244Hunter Prelude Early Intervention & UnionDownload
1996EA96/245Engadine Pre-School Kindergarten Inc. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/246Support Staff - CEO Diocese of Maitland Newcastle & UnionDownload
1996EA96/247Teachers - CEO Diocese of Maitland Newcastle & UnionDownload
1996EA96/248Independent Cemetery Trust - Rookwood & UnionDownload
1996EA96/249Northern Suburbs General Cemetery & UnionDownload
1996EA96/250Preslamp P/L- Coastal Transport Services & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/251Karis Furniture Employees & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/252National Parks & wildlife Service - Field Officers & UnionDownload
1996EA96/253NZN Erina & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/254Village Fish & Food Bar & UnionDownload
1996EA96/255Cheesecake Shop - Tamworth & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/256TNT Fleet Management (St Peters) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/257TNT Fleet Management (Chullora) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/258Upper Parramatta Management River Catchment trust & UnionDownload
1996EA96/260Australian Bakels Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/261P& O Cold Storage & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/262Brinks Australia Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/263Cas Corporation Pty Ltd Clerks & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/265Hymix Ind. Conrete Cartage (Carmellia) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/267NRMA Ltd Patrol Officers' & UnionDownload
1996EA96/269Teachers employed by De La Salle Br's Oakhill & UnionDownload
1996EA96/270Teachers Employed at Clovelly Child Care Ctr. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/271Eaton Electrics Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/272Schools Support Staff - Catholic S.O., Maitland & UnionDownload
1996EA96/273Bankstown City Council & UnionDownload
1996EA96/274Hymix Ind. P/L (Sydney Concrete Plants) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/275NZN Macquarie & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/276P.R.O.S. Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/277NZN Liverpool & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/278Hymix Industries P/L (Central Coast Plants) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/279Hymix Industries P/L (Sydney Concret Plants ) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/280Hymix INdustries P/L (Riverstone) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/281Hymix Industries P/L (Newcastle Area) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/282PH Brown Fabrications Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/283Hymix Industries Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/284The Leisure Caravan Park & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/285Centacare - Archdiocese of Sydney & UnionDownload
1996EA96/286Teachers -Diocese of Wollongong & UnionDownload
1996EA96/287Teachers - Archdiocese of Sydney & UnionDownload
1996EA96/288NZN Warringah Mall 2 & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/290RJ Sidney Craig Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/292Waterway Authority & UnionDownload
1996EA96/293Newcastle Port Corp. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/294Office of Marine Safety and Port Strategy & UnionDownload
1996EA96/295Port Kembla Port Corp. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/296Sydney Ports Corp. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/297Zig Zag Railway Co-op & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/298Electromaster Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/299Electormaster Holdings (NSW) P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/300New Zealand Natural Ice Cream & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/301Emerald Peat Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/302Emerald Peat Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/303Tony Pollard Electrics Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/304Alexander Moir & Co. Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/305The Cheescake Shop Richmond & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/306Polystuff P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/307Marigold Foods Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/308Wynyard Cookies & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/309Comm. Options - Centacare, Archdiocese Sydney & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/310Dementia Home Support -Centacare Archdioces Syd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/311Upper Hunter Regional Library & UnionDownload
1996EA96/312Wrigley Co Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/313The Wrigley co Pty Ltd Engineering stream & UnionDownload
1996EA96/314New Food Coatings & UnionDownload
1996EA96/316Greyton Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/317Orange City Council Mechanical Workship & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/319HN Olsen Funerals & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/320Council of the City of Sydney & UnionDownload
1996EA96/321JP Frozen Food & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/322Arnott's Biscuit's Ltd Huntingwood & UnionDownload
1996EA96/323BHP Steel Long Prodcts Div. Ore Berth Ops. & UnionDownload
1996EA96/324Asset Realty Chatswood & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/325Asset Realty - Crows Newt & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/326Active Fitness (Beedenly P/L) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/327Northern Region Life Saver Rescue Helicopter & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/328Romaly Holdings Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/329Lachlan Shire Council & UnionDownload
1996EA96/330Capilano Honey Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/331Castle Fitness & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/332Premier Removals & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/334Info Direct & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/335Squash Centre (Beecroft) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/336Cat Protection Society of NSW & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/337Stream International (Demand Centre) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/338Transtal Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1996EA96/339Blue Circle Southern Cement Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/3404 in 1 Fitness & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/341Department of Land and Water Con. (Murrumbidgee Irrigation Wages Staff) & UnionDownload
1996EA96/342Spark and Canon (SA) Pty Ltd and Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/343Morob Pty Ltd - Thornleigh Squash Cntre & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/345Newcastle Airport Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/346The Flannery Construction & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/347Coolibah Fitness Centre & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/348Denrith Pty Ltd & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/349Murulu Pty Ltd & Works CommitteeDownload
1996EA96/350Chisholm Manufacturing (Woolworths) & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/351Neutral Bay Food Hall & Its EmployeesDownload
1996EA96/353TNT Logistics Plantfast & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/1Orange City Council Civic Square Staff & Works CommitteeDownload
1997EA97/2South Coast Equipment Pty Ltd & UnionDownload
1997EA97/3Clerks Emp's Catholic Sch'ls Office Diocese - Maitland & UnionDownload
1997EA97/4Schaeffers Orchids & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/5Thomson Coolrooms P/L & Works CommitteeDownload
1997EA97/6Cleary Bros. Bombo P/L & UnionDownload
1997EA97/7Brandar P/L & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/8Jemalong Irrigation & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/9National Mine Management (Elura Mine) & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/10CFMEU Workplace & UnionDownload
1997EA97/11McKinnons Gold Mine & UnionDownload
1997EA97/12Australian Cement Kandos & UnionDownload
1997EA97/13Ability Options Ltd & UnionDownload
1997EA97/14Johnstone Readymix & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/15Tarac Distillers & Its EmployeesDownload
1997EA97/16Matilda Cruises & Works CommitteeDownload
1997EA97/17Coleambally Irrigation & UnionDownload
2005EA05/4Active Tree Services Agreement 2004-2006Download
2005EA05/6Linfox - TWU (Amcor Revesby) Enterprise Agreement 2003 Download
2005EA05/7Linfox - TWU Amcor Recycling Enterprise Agreement 2003 Download
2005EA05/8Linfox - TWU (Streets Ice Cream Distribution, 1 Magnum Place Minto) Enterprise Agreement 2003Download
2005EA05/9OMC Australia Construction Enterprise Agreement 2004-2005Download
2005EA05/10Linfox - TWU (FFG NSW - Vehicle Operators) Enterprise Agreement 2003Download
2006EA06/15Manly Council Cleansing Team Enterprise Agreement 2005EA06-15_.pdf