Industrial Committees

What is an Industrial Committee? 

An Industrial Committee is a committee consisting of a Member of the Industrial Relations Commission (known as the Chairperson) and equal numbers of employer and employee representatives which may operate in relation to the whole or any part of a particular industry. See section 198, Industrial Relations Act 1996
Industrial Committees are established on application to the Commission. See section 198 , Form 22

What is the purpose and function of an Industrial Committee?

An Industrial Committee may exercise the functions of the Industrial Relations Commission but only in relation to the industry or part of an industry for which the Committee is established. See section 199, Industrial Relations Act 1996

What is the term of an Industrial Committee?

An Industrial Committee continues in existence for 3 years after it is established, unless dissolved sooner. See section 200
The life of an Industrial Committee may be extended on application for a further period of up to three years. See section 200, Industrial Relations Act, 1996, Form 23

Industries and Callings of Industrial Committees

 A list of Industrial Committees , and their industries and callings, can be viewed here.

An earlier list of Industrial Committees, as at 1994, is available for download as a document in a word version [674KB] or in a PDF version [310KB]