Public Sector Appeals


    Introduction to Public Sector Appeals

    The Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales may hear and determine appeals against decisions relating to the discipline of NSW public sector employees. (With the commencement of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 there is no longer a right of appeal to the Commission against a promotional decision). Members of the NSW Police also have appeal rights in respect of refusal to have injury or illness classified as work related.

    Appeals must be lodged within strict time limits. (Section 100B , Industrial Relations Act 199).

    Decisions are final except for a right of appeal to the Full Bench of the Commission in Court Session on a question of law. (Section 197B , Industrial Relations Act 1996).


    Industrial Relations Act 1996 No 17
    Practice Note No. 23A - Procedures - Public Sector Promotion and Disciplinary Appeals


    The decisions of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW in relation to discipline and jurisdiction matters of Public Sector Appeals that may be of interest can be accessed on NSW Caselaw.

    Decisions of the former Government and Related Employees Appeal Tribunal to 30 June 2010 can be accessed by contacting the Industrial Relations Commission .

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