Announcement - NSW IRC Centenary - Unveiling Ceremony of Plaque

4 November 2002

On 4th November 2002 a ceremony was held in Court 5, 50 Phillip Street, Sydney to further mark the Commission's Centenary.

The President of the Commission, the Honourable Justice Lance Wright, made the following opening remarks:

      I welcome you to this ceremony for the unveiling of the plaque by the Honourable Bob Debus, Attorney General, to commemorate the Commission's Centenary.

      Before I welcome the Attorney and invite him to unveil the plaque, I would like to acknowledge and welcome our distinguished guests who include the Honourable Jim Spigelman, Chief Justice of New South Wales, the Honourable Chief Judge Michael Campbell, Chief Judge of the Compensation Court, his Honour Judge Derek Price, the Chief Magistrate, Vice-President Lawler, Justice Munro and Commissioners Jones and Harrison of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, and Ms. Kim Cull, President of the Law Society.

      I also welcome Members of the Commission who have been able to arrange their lists to be here and also the former Members of the Commission who have joined us.

      I would also like to acknowledge the work carried out by our former Registrar, Mr. Tim McGrath and the present Registrar, Mr. Mick Grimson, for all their efforts in the preparatory work for today's ceremony.

      Of course, the plaque as well as marking the Centenary of the Commission, which, as I have noted on other occasions, is the longest continuing industrial court or tribunal in the world, also marks the Centenary of the curial system of conciliation and arbitration in Australia.

      A similar ceremony was held on Thursday 24 October at Newcastle Court House to mark the Centenary of the first sitting of the Court of Arbitration, which occurred in that Court House. The ceremony took place in the very courtroom where the original sitting occurred and the plaque has been fixed immediately outside the courtroom.

The President then introduced the Attorney General who joined in the welcome to the distinguished guests and Members of the Commission, noted the significant achievements that the Commission had made in respect of the citizens and economy of the State and, with pleasure, unveiled the plaque.

The plaque is situated inside the entry foyer of the Commission's premises at 50 Phillip Street, Sydney.