Announcement - Practice Direction No. 9: Update on Requirements - Exemption for Certain Documents

27 December 2002

Practice Direction No. 9 commenced operation on 11th November 2002 and the Commission has reviewed the operation of the Direction to assess any adverse impact on parties.

As a result of that review the Registrar has determined that the obligation on parties in respect of the following documents is waived (save that any contrary order is made by a Member of the Commission):

  • Notice of Appearance
  • Notice of Discontinuance
  • Certificate pursuant to section​ 198 of the Legal Profession Act 1987 or undertaking to file such Certificate
  • Copies of Subpoenas or Notices to Produce issued
  • Any documentation in respect of an application filed under section 106 of the Industrial Re​​lations Act 1996 until such time as a Certificate of Unsuccessful Conciliation is issued at which time both parties will be required to file, within a period of 28 days, a copy of all documentation filed in the proceedings in compliance with Practice Direction No. 9.