Announcement - New and Revised Fees in the Commission

29 July 2005

From 1 August 2005 new fees are to be charged in the Industrial Relations Commission and there has been an increase in existing fees.

The new fees include fees for proceedings relating to unfair contracts and criminal proceedings before the Commission in Court Session. Fees for most matters will differ between those charged to natural persons and those charged to corporations with a turnover of more than $200,000. Fees generally mirror those charged in other higher courts such as the Supreme Court.

Fees for applications under section 84 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 (unfair dismissal applications) have increased from $50.00 to $54.00 and new fees for appeal applications under s197 of that Act (Local Court determinations), appeal applications relating to a determination of a harsh contract matter (s106) and appeal applications relating to a determination of an unfair dismissal matter (s84) have been introduced.

The Industrial Registrar will continue to exercise the discretionary power to waive fees in cases of financial hardship.

Certain fees will not apply to industrial organisations, government departments or statutory bodies (other than the WorkCover Authority).

Summary of the new Commission fees