IRC - We Are On The Move!

1 September 2005

From 5 September the Commission is commencing a staged relocation process.

The relocation is consequent upon completion of renovation and refurbishment of the Chief Secretary's Buildingat 47 Bridge Street Sydney.

For clients, practitioners or agents attending Court or Commission proceedings within the Sydney metropolitan area it is important that you carefully check the LISTING LOCATION prior to the proceedings to make sure that you attend at the correct premises.

The staged relocation over a two week period will see

  • a number of Members who currently hold sittings at 50 Phillip Street commence to hear proceedings from 47 Bridge Street(around the corner from 50 Phillip Street) or the Hospital Road Court complex.
  • a number of Members who currently hold sittings at the Hospital Road complex commence to hear proceedings from 47 Bridge Street
  • all Members who currently sit at Flight Centre, 815 George Street commence to hear proceedings at 47 Bridge Street
  • the principal registry commence operation out of 47 Bridge Street
  • the 50 Phillip Street public entrance closed.

The major contact details of the Commission (telephone, facsimile and postal) will remain unchanged. Any amendments will be posted to our website as soon as available.

As part of the relocation process the Commission the numbering system for the court and hearing rooms throughout the complex is changing in line with the occupation of CSB.

Courts will be numbered sequentially accordingly to floor and location within the complex.

Industrial Registrar
1 September 2005