Announcement - Arrangement of Business During 2005-06 Law Vacation

20 October 2005

The 2005 law vacation commences from 19th December 2005.

In line with previous years the Commission will have in place arrangements to ensure that matters are dealt with in a timely way. In the event that any urgent matter arises that requires one or more of the Presidential Members of the Commission to be available to sit arrangements will be made to allow that to occur.

During the course of the law vacation arrangements will be in place to ensure that

  • unfair dismissal matters continue to be listed to meet the standard time to first listing/conciliation of 21 days
  • industrial disputes can be listed before a member of the Commission immediately, and
  • any urgent notices of motion or similar matters may be listed before a judicial member immediately

The 2006 law term commences from 30 January 2006

Industrial Registrar
20 October 2005.