Announcement - Applications to the Commission for Expedition

30 November 2005

Practitioners and other users of the Commission are reminded of the provisions under the Commission's Rules to seek expedition in a particular matter or that a matter be determined urgently.

Rule 16 of the Industrial Relations Commission Rules 1996 states:

      (1) An applicant who desires that any matter should be dealt with as one of urgency must file an affidavit setting out, briefly but specifically, the reasons for the request.
      (2) A copy of the affidavit must be served with the originating process or, if the proceedings before the tribunal have already commenced at the time of filing the affidavit, it must promptly be served on each of the other parties.

It is suggested that if a practitioner user of the Commission or a party to a proceeding wishes to apply to the Commission for expedition of a matter FOR ANY REASON they should prepare the necessary affidavit and any other necessary papers. Before attending the Commission to file the affidavit and other papers they should contact the Registry and advise the relevant registry officer of the proposed application for expedition.

Industrial Registrar
30 November 2005.