Announcement - Changes to Federal Legislation Work Choices

27 March 2006

The federal government introduced new industrial relations laws on Monday, 27th March 2006.

The effect of these changes is that certain employers who are 'constitutional corporations' and their employees MAYno longer be covered under the Industrial Relations Act 1996.

If you think these changes will affect you, you should seek your own legal advice.

The Industrial Registry will accept and process all applications and claims filed. Any matters filed will be allocated to a Member of the Commission for determination in accordance with the normal practices and protocols of the NSWIRC and the relevant Act which is the Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW).

Registry staff are unable to give advice about whether a claim or application filed will be successful.

Details of the federal changes can be found at http://www.workch​ (or call 1300 363 264) OR at (or call 1300 79 9675) OR if you are unsure about whether the changes impact on you, for more information contact the Office of Industrial Relations at (or call 131 628) .

It should be noted that the federal changes are subject to a constitutional challenge by a number of parties including the NSW State Government.

Industrial Registrar
27 March 2006.