Announcement - Industrial Relations (Child Employment) Act 2006

1 December 2006

Industrial Relations (Child Employment) Act 2006

The above Act has been proclaimed to commence from 1 December 2006.

In accordance with Part 2, section 5 - Full Bench of the Commission to set no net detriment principles - the Commission has, of its own initiative, issued a summons to show cause why it should not take such action in accordance with that section as it deems proper.

The Child Employment Principles Case 2006 has been listed on 8 December 2006 at 9.30am in Court 4.1, Level 4, 47 Bridge Street, Sydney for the purpose of taking appearances, giving directions, and other procedural matters which will include the fixing of a date for hearing.

The Commission does not require the attendance of persons or organisations not desirous of making submissions in relation to the matter. If you intend to make submission to the Commission you are required to file a notice of appearance as soon as possible.

Industrial Registrar
4 December 2006

[ 11 December 2006 related ann​ouncement issued ]