Announcement - Publication of the Industrial Gazette on the NSW industrial relations website

2 February 2007

The provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 relating to the publication of industrial matters, awards, orders, enterprise agreements and contract determinations have been amended with effect from 2 February 2007.

The amending provisions allow for the online gazettal of the above types of matters via publication to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission website.

At this point of time it is intended to maintain the format that is currently published on the industrial relations website. That is, the online gazettal of industrial relations information will continue to be published to the website in the form of the current Industrial Gazette which allows for the viewing (or printing) of the entire Gazette (or individual orders) complete with volume and page references. A recent enhancement to the website provides. a version available in a Portable Document Format (PDF) for downloading and printing that will allow parties to print a full copy of the Industrial Gazette in a similar format to that previously published in hard-copy.

Provision has also been made to allow subscription to an email notification service which will alert subscribers following online gazettal. To subscribe to that service click here .

Another recent enhancement to the website has been made to the 'NSW Awards Search' page. Matters will now be listed in descending gazettal date order as opposed to the previous position when the matters were sorted publication title.

Click here to go to the NSW industrial relations website and click here to go to the Industrial Gazette homepage.

Mick Grimson
Industrial Registrar