Announcement - Amendments to the Industrial Relations Act 1996

7 March 2007

During 2006 a number of amendments were made to the Industrial Relations Act1996 (the Act).

The Industrial Relations Amendment Act 2006 inserted Part 8A into the Schedules to the Act. Under this amending legislation a number of awards became deemed enterprise agreements and an obligation was imposed on the Industrial Registrar to publish details of such matters. On 26 January 2007 the Industrial Registrar caused to be published in the Industrial Gazettean Instrumentdealing with this matter. Click hereto access that instrument.

The Industrial Relations Further Amendment Act2006, amongst other matters

    o transferred the injured workers provisions previously contained in the Act to the Workers Compensation Act1987.
        Those provisions provide an injured worker with worker with the remedy of reinstatement if that worker is dismissed from employment because the worker is not fit for employment because of that injury.

        A new form has been designed to reflect this amendment to the legislation. Click hereto access a copy of that form.

    Mick Grimson
    Industrial Registrar