Announcement - Listing before Full Bench of proceedings where the Industrial Registrar is seeking cancellation of a number of Industrial Organisations pursuant to s.225 and s226 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996

11 February 2008

Proceedings filed by the Industrial Registrar seeking cancellation of the registration of the following industrial organisations

    • State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Industrial Relations) Association [ER23]
    • Professional Photographers Association of Australia [ER 34]
    • Crushed Stone and Sand Association [ER45]
    • NSW Dairy Farmers' (Industrial) Organisation [ER30]
    • The Association of Foreman and Supervisors [EE61]
have been listed before a Full Bench of the Commission for determination on

5 March 2008
at 10.00am
in Court 3.3, 47 Bridge Street, Sydney.

If there is no appearance by the organisation or interest on the date fixed for hearing, the matter will be heard in their absence and orders may be made, including the deregistration of the organisation.

Any interested party may contact the Industrial Organisations section of the registry on 9258 0903 for further information.

Industrial Registrar
11 February 2008