Announcement - Public Sector Appeals, Transport Appeal Boards and Police Hurt on Duty Appeals.

1 July 2010

Reference is made to an Announcement placed on our website on 28 June 2010 advising that the Commission would assume, from 1 July 2010, jurisdiction in relation to public sector promotional and disciplinary appeals under Part 7, Chapter 2 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996; in respect of police officers hurt on duty, appeals brought under section 186 of the Police Act 1990; and, that Members of the Commission would constitute the Transport Appeal Board for the purpose of appeals brought under the Transport Appeal Boards Act by transport employees;

The President has created two new Industry Specific Panels within the Commission to be known as the Transport Appeal Boards Panel (the TAB Panel) and the Public Sector Appeal Panel (the PSA Panel) for the purpose of dealing with these matters. His Honour Deputy President Grayson will be the head of the TAB Panel and his Honour Justice Staff will be the head of the PSA Panel and they will have principal responsibility for ensuring the efficient and effective operation of matters listed before the Panels.

The Commission has updated its website to include information for parties on the various appeal process. That information is relatively basic at this stage; however, it will be progressively updated over the next few days to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible.

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Industrial Registrar.