Announcement - Public Sector Appeals, Transport Appeal Boards and Police Hurt on Duty Appeals

2 July 2010

Under previous arrangements parties to proceedings before the Government and Related Employees Tribunaland the Transport Appeal Boardswere required to furnish threecopies of any material filed with the tribunal (such as Employer's Case, appellant's submissions, recommended officer's submissions and the like). This requirement stemmed from the fact that the Tribunal and Board sat three members and was included in Directions and Orders issued.

Under the new amendments the Commission or the Board will be presided over by a single member, therefore, the requirement to file three copies of material/documentation is no longer required.

A party may take any earlier order issued directing that the party file three copies of material or documentation to read one copy.

The requirement to provide a copy of documentation filed with the Commission or the Board to eachother party to the appeal or case has not altered. This remains the responsibility of the party filing.

Industrial Registrar.