Announcement - Reference of certain awards for declaration as Non-operative awards

23 September 2011

In accordance with Orders 5 and 9 of the final orders issued on 21 July 2011 in matter IRC 140/11 2011 Review of Awards Initiating Proceedings.

The Industrial Registrar announces the referring of the following awards, listed Annexures A and B below, to the President for the allocation to a member for the purpose of being dealt with administratively in chambers and declared non-operative.

The Register of Non-operative Awards will be updated, on the NSW industrial relations website, to reflect those relevant orders within 7 days of the awards being so declared.

Industrial Registrar


343 Gangers (State) Award
349 General Construction and Maintenance, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, &c. (State) Award
480 Miscellaneous Gardeners, &c. (State) Award
1320 Royal Rehabilitation Service - Weemala Unit Residential Care Staff (State) Award
912 Storemen and Packers, General (State) Award
647 Surveyors' Field Hands (State) Award
1017 Theatrical Employees (Training Wage) (State) Award
845 Theatrical Employees Recreation and Leisure Industry (State) Award

964 Aged Care General Services (State) Award 2006
828 Bread Industry (State) Award
001 Building and Construction Industry (State) Award
058 Building Employees Mixed Industries (State) Award
116 Cleaning and Building Services Contractors (State) Award
140 Club Employees (State) Award
819 Furniture and Furnishing Trades (State) Award
387 Ice Cream Carters and Van Salespersons (State) Award
046 Joiners (State) Award
476 Milk Treatment, &c., and Distribution (State) Award
705 Miscellaneous Workers' - General Services (State) Award
537 Plasterers, Shop Hands and Casters (State) Consolidated Award
539 Plumbers and Gasfitters (State) Award
548 Private Hospital Employees (State) Award 2006
241 Retail Services Employees (State) Award
588 Sawmillers, &c. (State) Award
683 Transport Industry - Cash-in-Transit (State) Award
665 Transport Industry - Mixed Enterprises (State) Award
682 Transport Industry - Wood and Coal (State) Award