Announcement - Retirement of Commissioner Peter Connor

14 November 2011

Commissioner Peter Connor retires today after nearly 25 years as a member of the Commission.

The President of the Commission, Justice Roger Boland, at an informal ceremony to mark the occasion of his retirement held at the Commission last week, noting that the Commissioner had discharged his duties under three Acts (the 1940, 1991 and 1996 enactments), went on to say:

      "Peter Connor has seen it all: the very best of industrial behaviour and the very worst. He has conciliated and arbitrated in countless disputes, unfair dismissal claims, wage claims and claims relating to all manner of employment conditions. He has had to deal with complex jurisdictional questions, statutory interpretation, contract determination issues, demarcation issues, victimisation claims, underpayment of wages and the list goes on.

      Dealing with these matters requires patience, a strong sense of fairness, an unbiased but inquiring mind, a touch of humanity and a good dose of scepticism, because once the chaff is sorted from the grain not all dismissals are unfair.

      Peter has an innate sense of fairness as well as the other qualities I have mentioned. He also has a well-tuned sense of what will work and what won't in an industrial context. Those characteristics have been honed to a fine edge over the many years he has served as a member of this Commission.

      Peter has strived to do his best over nearly a quarter of a century as a member of this venerable institution. He has made a marvellous contribution to its work and he will be remembered for it. I sincerely wish him well in his retirement.

Industrial Registrar