Announcement - Retirement of Justice Tricia Kavanagh

21 September 2012

The Honourable Justice Tricia Kavanagh announced her retirement after 14 years as a member of the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales with effect from 28 June 2012.

Justice Kavanagh was appointed on 26 June 1998 and, as noted by the President at an informal farewell within the Commission shortly before her retirement,:

    ...the Commission is losing a person of independent mind and strong opinion but also a person of great personal courage and fortitude, of good humour, of a kind and generous heart and someone I have found dependable to a fault.

The President went on to say:
    Her Honour's appointment to the Bench was the culmination of a string of achievements throughout her working life. First as a teacher, then as an industrial advocate for the Australian Workers Union, Childcare Commissioner under the Whitlam Labor Government, first law graduate from UTS graduating with honours and a doctorate, the Bar, an arbitrator on a number of national and international sports dispute tribunals, a governor of Notre Dame University and, on top of all that. her Honour found time to raise two sons of whom she is rightly proud.

At the time of her retirement her Honour was the second most senior puisne judge.

The Commission wishes her well in her retirement.

Industrial Registrar