Retirement of Justice Wayne Haylen

The President of the Commission, Justice Roger Boland, has paid tribute to Justice Wayne Haylen who retires today, 24 October 2013, after 12 years on the Bench.

Justice Haylen was admitted to the Bar in 1976 and took silk in 1990. At the Bar his Honour's main areas of practise were Industrial Law; Administrative Law; Anti-Discrimination and Legal Professional Standards & Discipline.

Justice Boland said that his Honour brought a wealth of experience and knowledge of industrial law and practice to the Commission and the Industrial Court that few could match.

"Justice Haylen made a tremendously important contribution to the Commission's work", Justice Boland said, "especially in the area of occupational health and safety law, but also across the full spectrum of the Commission's jurisdiction."

"The Industrial Relations Commission has been fortunate, over very many years, to have drawn some of the finest minds from the Industrial Bar", the President observed. "Justice Haylen's approach to his work, reflected in his incisive, detailed and timely judgments in some of the more complex matters to come before the Commission and the Court, has carried on the long tradition of judicial work of the highest quality in the field of industrial law in the New South Wales jurisdiction", Justice Boland said.

Justice Boland noted that as well as being a Deputy President of the Commission and judge of the Industrial Court for 12 years, Justice Haylen also held appointments during that period as a member of a number of racing appeals tribunals and as head of the Legal Services Division of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

Following his retirement his Honour will take up an appointment as a part-time Deputy President of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales and as the Division Head of the Occupational and Regulatory Division of that Tribunal.

On behalf of all members of the Commission Justice Boland wished his Honour an enjoyable and rewarding retirement with his partner, Joan Evatt, and their son and daughter.