Announcement – Number of copies of applications and related documents

20 December 2019


From the commencement of the law term (3 February 2020) all parties will be required to comply with Industrial Relations Commission Rules 2009;

Rule 2.6 states:

Copies to be filed.

Unless the Registrar otherwise directs, documents filed in proceedings before the Commission must include the following:


Type of ProceedingsNumber of copies
General applicationoriginal plus one copy (unless the form otherwise requires)
Application for award, contract determination or enterprise agreementoriginal plus two copies
Application for relief from unfair dismissaloriginal plus two copies
Dispute notificationoriginal only
Prosecutionoriginal plus one copy
Appealsoriginal plus three copies
Matters before a full benchoriginal plus three copies (unless it is known that there are more than three members of the bench, in which case, the same number of copies as there are members of the bench)


 You will also need a copy for yourself and, if the document has to be served on other parties, enough copies to serve each party plus an additional copy to attach to an affidavit of service.

Failure to comply with the rule may see the Registrar refer a case to a Commissioner for possible remedies under the Civil Procedure Act due to a lack of compliance. 

Industrial Registrar