Announcement - Listings during COVID-19

16 March 2020

The Industrial Relations Commission is carefully monitoring the updated Commonwealth and State Governments' advice regarding COVID-19.

Directions hearings, conciliation hearings and report backs

In an effort to mitigate the risks of exposure of Commission staff, parties and Commissioners to COVID-19 and to keep the Commission operational at this time, the Commission expects most conciliation hearings and all directions hearings and report backs to take place via teleconference, commencing from Tuesday 17 March 2020.

If you consider that the circumstances of your matter require in-person attendance at a conciliation or directions hearing then you should inform the other party of the reasons for this in writing as soon as possible, and provide your request and the other party's position to the Commission no later than midday on the day prior to your listing, and the Commission will consider the request.  The Commission may also determine that the matter requires conciliation or directions to take place face-to-face and parties will be informed where this is the case.

In all other circumstances, please provide your telephone contact information to the Industrial Registry at or 02 8688 3516 as soon as possible, and no later than 3:00pm on the day prior to your listing.

Arbitration hearings

At this time, matters listed for arbitration will proceed in-person unless parties make an application for alternative arrangements. If you have a matter listed for arbitration, you should confer with the other party or its representative/s as soon as possible about any arrangements that can be made to limit persons required to attend the hearing, such as witnesses not required for cross-examination.  If you consider that the circumstances of your matter are such that an adjournment is necessary then please contact the other party to obtain its position before making any request to the Commission.



you should not attend the Commission, and you will not be expected to do so.  You should contact the Industrial Registry as soon as reasonably practicable at or 02 8688 3516 to inform the Commission of your circumstances.  Prior to making contact with the Registry, and where practicable, the Commission expects that you will contact the other party or parties to the matter, advise your circumstances to them, and discuss any alternative arrangements that may be necessary for your matter. 

Water Jugs and glasses

Effective immediately, all water jugs and glasses will be removed from hearing rooms for the protection of people appearing before the Commission in the current environment.

Parties will be allowed to use their own personal water containers during a hearing. 

Updated information

If the advice of the Commonwealth and State Governments changes and this impacts on the Commission's operations, then the Commission will provide updates on its webpage as soon as practicable. If this, or some other circumstance, results in the Commission determining that your matter must be adjourned for a period of time then the Commission will make direct contact with you or your representative/s.

Industrial Registrar